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Are These the World’s Most Outrageous Desserts?

From chocolate-covered insects in Southeast Asia to Scotland’s Mars bars deep-fried in batter, there are weird and wonderful desserts to be found at all four corners of the globe. Here’s our pick of seven of the world’s most outrageous desserts…

1. Chocolate covered insects, Thailand

We all know chocolate makes things taste better – but does that extend to crickets, spiders and wasps? In certain parts of the world, they certainly seem to think so!

2. Karidaki, Greece

Karidaki is the Greek word for walnut and, as its name suggests, this dessert is made with whole walnuts. The twist, though, is that the nuts are cooked and eaten with their shell still on! Try out this, and some of the delicious, healthy foods Greek is famous for, on your next holiday.

3. Cendol, Malaysia

They might look a bit like green worms on a bed of earth, but this Malaysian speciality is actually a refreshing feast of flavours – coconut, jelly, sugar and shaved ice.

4. Huesos de Santo, Spain

The name of this dessert translates to ‘saint’s bones’ – so you can suck the “marrow” from the inside of this sweet, traditionally eaten on All Saints Day. Why not try it out next time you’re in Spain?

5. Tavok Gogsu, Turkey

Believe it or not, this meat-based dessert is actually made from finely minced chicken breast – sweetened, of course! This pudding is now one of the signature dishes of Turkey – make sure you try one on your next trip, along with some of the other fantastic food that the country has to offer.

6. Deep-fried Mars Bar, Scotland

This calorie-laden dessert can still be found in the chip shops of Edinburgh and Glasgow to this day – best served with ice cream to achieve an extra level of gooeyness!

7. Wasabi ice cream, Japan

It’s certainly not your average flavour, but wasabi ice cream has a tongue-tingling taste that is, apparently, surprisingly palatable. Or try out other ice cream variants like prawn, cactus or green tea when you’re in Japan, instead!

We’re always looking to learn about the weird, the wonderful, and the surprisingly scrumptious, so let us know what delicious desserts you’ve encountered on your travels!