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December 4th, 2008

Some of my family members bought an apartment in Playa de las Americas in 2006, after thoroughly enjoying a package holiday to Tenerife the previous year. I was invited along this year as part of a family gathering. I’d never been to Tenerife and hadn’t heard much about it, apart from Playa de las Americas having an apparently vibrant nightlife. When we arrived the weather was very overcast as it was December, and I felt a little disheartened. However, it was sunny every other day – far better weather than in the UK.

View from our hotel room

On the first day we went on a boat trip to watch whales and dolphins. Trips leave regularly from the marina, and we didn’t find them too pricey. It was an unforgettable experience to see them in the wild, and one thing I will definitely never forget about this holiday.

We spent most of our other days relaxing by our pool, getting a nice tan. It didn’t matter to us that we didn’t stay in a hotel with entertainment provided throughout the daym, as as a large group we could entertain ourselves. Plus it was nice not being crammed around a pool with a hundred other people, splashing and shrieking! I’d recommend renting a villa if you’re a large group and would just prefer chilling out in each other’s company.

On the second to last day we had so much pent up energy so went go-karting. It was great fun, and brought out the family competitiveness within us all. It was great fun and really cheap. We took the local bus which was an experience in itself. It’s a really convenient and cheap mode of transport, though was jam packed with locals and we couldn’t move, let alone get a seat. If this puts you off, definitely grab a taxi instead.

Lovely clear blue sea

On an evening we usually wandered to the marina as it was home to a variety of restaurants and bars – though the bars are more catered to young clubbers and not small children. We found other things to do though, as the resort was very commercialised. This wasn’t great though if you were wanting a taste of traditional life. One of the only things I hated was the cockroaches. There were so many we nicknamed it Cockroach Island. They even got into our new apartment. This just proves that places don’t have to be unclean to attract them to your room, so don’t be disgusted if one scuttles across your hotel room!

Overall I did enjoy Tenerife; Playa de las Americas is very lively and commercialised, which is great for keeping a family of all ages entertained.

By Anna McDonald