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An African Adventure

I went to Kenya in Africa in January 2007 with my Dad. We stayed in Diani Beach in 2 star accommodation called the Diani Sea Lodge. Little did I know at the time, but the next two weeks would be the most memorable of my life. From the first impression of the hotel it seemed great for its rating, though it catered mainly for Germans. There was a handful of English people there who made our holiday even better. During these two weeks we went on an unforgettable two night safari at the Masai Mara and saw everything from elephants protecting their young, to Lions trying to make some “young” of their own. They were going at it like, err…lions. Safari was really surreal and magical.

We also did a balloon safari over the Masai Mara and finished that off with a Champagne breakfast with a small group of other travellers. The African people were so kind, and caring and a pleasure to talk to. I left almost 90% of the contents of my suitcase with some of the local girls and they were over the moon. For something that cost me £4 in Primark they were delighted. Their faces lit up as if it was Christmas!

We hired a crosser and went from hotel to hotel trying out the different restaurants. We also paid next to nothing for a boat tour from a local fisherman who was lovely! He dived into the ocean and came back up with 5 or 6 different types of starfish all unusual colours and textures! I have some of the pictures on my bedroom wall and whenever I see them it makes me want to go back. It is a truly beautiful country, a complete other world to home, with so much to see and not enough time. I would recommend package holidays to Africa to anyone because they’re so simple to book and everything’s included. No need to worry! I intend to go back to Kenya sometime in the near future to discover more of this country’s beauty!

By Rachel Frame