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All Change For New York Taxis

New York Citys iconic yellow taxis are soon to become a thing of the past. A new design by car giants Nissan is set to be rolled out by the end of 2013 and although they will still be bright yellow, they will be a lot bigger.

New York Taxis Are To Be Replaced

Nissans NV200 taxi was announced the winner of the ‘Taxi for Tomorrow’ competition, beating US company Ford and Turkish manufacturer Karsan with its exceptional fuel economy. The vehicles are larger than the current taxis and will have room for four passengers plus their luggage. They will also have sliding doors to prevent accidents when doors are flung open and a safety light to indicate that the door is open. Passengers will be able to marvel at the world famous skyline through the panoramic roof, and all taxis have air conditioning and a station for charging mobile phones.

Nissan will also provide several of its Leaf electric vehicles to taxi firms for testing in the city. If the trial proves successful then they could be used throughout the city with Mayor Michael Bloomberg stating “That would be a big step toward cleaning our air, improving public health and shrinking our carbon footprint.”