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Airport lounges… are they worth it?

Airport lounges… are they worth it?

Traveling abroad can feel tiring and stressful at times, so wouldn’t it be nice to kick things off in the best way possible and receive the VIP treatment from the minute you pass security at the airport? Avoid those crowds and relax in a private space with cosy seats, WI-FI, snacks and drinks – from that first cup of tea to a glass of prosecco.

Some may see airport lounges as a luxurious purchase but could they actually save you money! We’re looking at some of the UK’s most popular airports, their lounge offers and how they compare to what your standard airport purchases may add up to.

On average sitting down for a meal and a drink in an airport will set you back around £30 per person (slightly more in London airports), if you were to opt for a meal at a restaurant rather than grab and go from which ever fast food establishment may be in your terminal. Then if you decide to get a second drink, plus snacks from the shops… When you actually compare this to the price of some of the airports lounges, you may be surprised to find they actually come out cheaper!

young businessman having a nap and listening to music while resting in the departure lounge Adamov_d

Manchester Airport Lounges

Manchester airport lounges can start from as little as £21 per person in Escape. They also have 1903 at £35pp. Escape Airport Lounges provide a selection of hot and cold food, select wines, beers and spirits, plus unlimited tea, coffee and soft drinks along with free Wi-Fi and charging ports. Everyone is welcome in Escape, whereas 1903 is for adults only.

1903 is a premium lounge with a quality menu, alcohol which includes champagne and access to Security FastTrack in order to skip those airport queues! – So not only do you get a relaxing area to chill before your flight, you can also get there quicker and with less hassle than usual.

London Heathrow Airport Lounges

Heathrow has more choice in lounges but they vary depending on terminal. Prices range from £32 to £40. From Plaza Premium Lounges to Club Aspire, No 1 Lounges, The House Lounge and SkyTeam.

Each airport lounge promises a tranquil haven for travellers to unwind before your ongoing journey. – Let’s not forget the free drinks and snacks of course which are included in each!

London Gatwick Airport Lounges

Gatwick also has multiple options ranging from £21 to £32pp. Depending on how luxurious you want your time pre-flight to be, you’ll be able to find the perfect lounge for you – Gatwick Airport features a No1 Lounge, Clubrooms and My Lounge in both of its South and North terminals.

Clubrooms offers the full jet setter experience with full table service, a la carte dining and an extensive wine and cocktail list, or if you just wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport, book yourself into My Lounge for less. My Lounge brings you airport lounging with little formality, pour your own drinks, grab your own snacks and simply make use of its comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi.

Woman sitting at airport lounge with waitress serving coffee / Jacob Lund

Birmingham Airport Lounges

Birmingham Airport’s lounges range from £24.99 to £34pp with prices for children being slightly less. All airport lounges include complementary food and drink and a chilled out space to relax in before your flight.

After you’ve browsed duty free and bought all your goodies, retreat to the airport lounge of your choice for a calming environment away from the busyness of the main airport! You’ll have no qualms about searching for somewhere to sit or needing to wait in long queues for a drink at the bar. – Some lounges even provide table service!

Newcastle Airport Lounges

Newcastle Airport may not be one of the biggest airports in the UK but it can still be nice to break away from the noise whilst waiting to take off. Newcastle airport has an Aspire lounge priced at £29.99 for adults and £17.99 for children.

You can help yourself to a range of snacks and hot food items such as bacon rolls at breakfast! Your welcome to work your way through their wine and spirit lists or simply have a few pints. Newcastle’s Aspire Lounge also has a quiet area, great for those traveling for business, which is located away from the main lounge and has personal charging facilities if you need to get any last minute bits of work done.

Should you wish to up the game, book into AspirePlus Lounge which offers a quiet haven with views of the airfield. If you’re a whisky lover, Spey Whisky is on offer to all guests with this being an adult only dwelling! An enhanced food selection is also available along with SnoozePods! These are perfect for those awaiting long connections, with single or dual occupancy you can get a decent sleep or up your relaxing game with the help of a private Smart TV with on-demand services. – Now that’s some airport luxury.

Glasgow Airport Lounges

Glasgow airport currently has one lounge with another opening in late 2019. For now, their UpperDeck Lounge prices out at £23 for Adults and £17 for children. You can start your trip off in style in a lounge that’s equipped for both business and leisure with fascinating runway views! Enjoy complimentary soft drinks, free Wi-Fi and a selection of snacks, plus for those wanting an alcohol, you can have up to four free drinks during your time in the lounge.

Departure lounge at the airport with seating and table with aircraft preparing for flight in the background Catarina Belova

Edinburgh Airport Lounges

If you’re flying from Edinburgh, you have the choice of two lounges plus British Airways have their own lounge and if you’re eligible, this is also available for use!

Book into Aspire for £25.99 or No1 Lounge from £30 online or £35 on the door.

Both have free WiFi, complimentary snacks and drinks with No1 even offering made to order dishes! Aspire is great for families with private booths equipped with their own Smart TVs – perfect for keeping the younger ones entertained whilst waiting to fly.

With a No1 Lounge pre-booking, you’ll also receive complimentary security fastTRACK, so you’ll skip the queues and get through to enjoy all those amenities as quickly as possible! Relax and enjoy those panoramic runway views alongside all the snacks you can manage to fit in – you are now on holiday after all.

Airport Lounges for children

You may feel the need to shy away from airport lounges when traveling with children but you need not. Many lounges allow children to also reap the benefits and it’s great for keeping everyone contained in one safe space.

Airports can be a minefield with everyone’s busy schedules fleeing in and out of its walls, so sitting down in a calm quiet area where you can keep eyes on all your family at once can be a great stress reliever!

Make the most out of the complimentary food and drinks without all the fuss. Simply relax until it’s time to go to your gate. See here for our round up of the most child friendly airport lounges around the globe!

young father enjoying laptop while mother and son sleeping on couch in airport lounge Olena Yakobchuk

Airport Lounges for business

If you’re traveling for business and perhaps have some work to conduct before boarding your flight, an airport lounge can provide the perfect environment. Some airports have lounges that are adult only, so you can break away from the noise of families and get yourself plugged into a personal charging port and make use of that complimentary Wi-Fi.

If you’re traveling alone an airport lounge can be a great place to settle pre-flight. Find a cosy spot to rest away from the mania and reward all your hard work with as many drinks and snacks as you like!

Should I book an airport lounge?

Only you can decide if you feel an airport lounge may be worth the spend but we’d recommend taking a look on your airports official website for pricing and full details of each lounge offering. Plus, at certain times of the year, some airport lounges have online discounts making them even better value for money!

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