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A Wonderful Holiday To Bakau

In April ’08 I travelled to the Gambia. It was such a beautifully cultural holiday; the people, the county and the experience will hold a place in my heart forever. It was just my boyfriend and I on this African adventure, and we stayed in The Garden Guest House in Bakau. Far from a commercial hotel, this accommodation was very personal and traditional, just adding to our African experience. We were warmly welcomed, and everyone was so nice. We felt at home the moment we arrived. The manager is a fountain of knowledge and is very helpful when it comes to local customs, and the best places to visit. It was really useful, and a refreshing change, to have someone that’s willing to help and honestly pleased to do so, as other places we’ve been they’ve not been so forthcoming. We were told of the plentiful tourist attractions close by.

The guest house is near Cape Point Beach which is so beautiful, the sea is crystal clear and heavenly to swim in. The beach is so relaxing, we both got a massage whilst sunbathing, which was purely blissful. The Botanical Gardens are so beautiful and they are not so well know to tourists. We only found them by chance. Many of its shrubs and trees are indigenous to the Gambia, and there’s a nature trail through the grounds that is great to follow. There are plenty of shaded seating areas within the gardens, and believe me, they are a welcome break from the sun’s sizzling rays. These gardens really are a place of natural beauty. The local crocodile park is home to a family of Nile crocodiles and are said to represent fertility. The sacred site and the pool (without crocodiles) is said to cure infertility for those that bath in the water legend has it.

The local markets in Bakau are amazing, full of colour and lovely smells. The craft market has some wonderful stalls selling intricate, hand carved wooden crafts and hand fashioned beaded jewellery, amongst other things. The village market on the main road sells the most delicious tropical fruit and vegetables. Bakau is such a cultural and refreshing place to visit. It is a real eye opener to other people’s way of life. We had such an unforgettable holiday.

Tony & Carla, Glasgow