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A guide to tap water abroad

A guide to tap water abroad

In the UK the majority of us don’t think twice about grabbing a glass of water from the kitchen tap but what about when you’re on holiday? Where is tap water safe to drink?

Although water isn’t usually top of the list when considering where to go on holiday, it is important that we are aware of where in the world we can safely swig straight from the tap after one too many cocktails the night before and where buying bottled water is absolutely necessary.

Contaminated water is one of the main culprits of sickness amongst holidayers. Whether you’re drinking it, brushing your teeth with it or eating local salads and fruits that have been washed in it — it can sometimes leave you feeling poorly. That’s the last thing anyone wants when going away for a well-deserved break!

The good news is though, there are plenty of places perfectly okay to reach for the tap, such as Iceland’s lava filtration or Italy’s public water fountains!  However, of course there’s also many areas where even some of the most inviting-looking water should be avoided. To give you a helping hand, here’s our Holiday Hypermarket guide to tap water abroad.




It is worth noting that the destinations with water stated as okay to drink may still have a different mineral content and can vary in taste to what you’re used to in the UK. If in doubt, bottled water is widely available in supermarkets.

*Information gathered from the World Travel Guide (2019)