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A Guide to Mexico’s Weather

The most popular Mexico holiday spot is its eastern shoreline, especially in the resorts that help connect the country to the sumptuous Caribbean.

Whether you’re jetting out to Cancun or retreating to the more secluded Playacar, there are a few facts it’s best to get under your belt before packing your bags.

If you’re looking for a last minute holiday to Mexico, it is important you research the weather. Just make sure you pack your swimwear and your suntan lotion though, because you’ll be seeing some serious sunshine.

Fun in the autumn sun

The traditional autumn months back home, the last days of August and the end of November, might appeal to you if you’re looking for a nicer temperature in Mexico.

With an average temperature of between 27°C to 30°C every autumn, it’s wondrously warm.

Luckily though, while the autumn months are when rainfall in Mexico, particularly around Cancun, is at its highest, you’ll tend to find that any droplets fall in the late afternoon, and showers are not normally long-lasting.

Even in September, which has the most showers of any month, you’ll be seeing highs well above 32°C and almost 10 hours of sunshine a day. That’s even as the nights grow longer, balmy as they are, and September is framed gorgeously by highs of 35°C in August, of 30°C in October and even the same in November.

It’s all much more appealing than the wind and washouts back home.

A dry start to the year

Between January and April, Mexico enjoys a slightly milder spell than the 30°C highs and beyond otherwise felt every year.

These first few months of the calendar hover closer to the 22°C mark, making this a popular place for a break early in the year, before both the crowds and the scorching summers hit.

It’s also when you’re least likely to encounter any rainfall, if you take the springtime months between March and May into account too.

In fact, the first six months of the year altogether see less than 50 millimetres of rainfall across Mexico’s most popular holiday destinations, and all while boasting temperatures that reach between 25°C and 30°C easily. It makes for a beautiful trip, as long as you remember to stay hydrated.

Heating up in summer

You’d do well in expecting that the summer months between June and August have more heat and humidity than they would back home.

Indeed, you can expect temperatures well on their way to 35°C a lot of the time, sometimes even touching the 40°C mark.

And of course, as the days grow longer, the skies get more blue and the sunshine graces us all much more. Long lazy days of summer see 11 hours of sunshine each between June and August, while sea temperatures climb towards 30°C.

Of course, they’re always above 25°C round Cancun way, even in what we’d call the winter months back home, so it all comes down to how hot you want your swim to be.

A treat all year round

Temperatures in Mexico on the Atlantic side are pretty consistent across the year, rarely dipping beneath 25°C unless you’re holidaying in months like January or February. Even then, you’re looking well above 20°C.

So if a trip to Mexico appeals, springtime may well be your time, although there’s no right or wrong answers with sunshine as constant as here.

Do you have any experiences of lovely Mexican weather to share? Let us know in the comments.