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A Fun First Time In Florida

My first trip to Florida was incredible! We went in November and the weather was ideal, not unbearably hot and sticky like it would be in summer. Perfect sunbathing weather for us Brits, though the American’s probably thought we were crazy sunbathing in their winter! The first park we went to was Disney’s Hollywood studios. This was a fantastic park. Everybody who worked there or was there on a holiday seemed happy and cheerful, and the atmosphere was one of happiness and excitement. We plunged straight into the thrill rides, going on ‘The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’. The whole building is really well designed, I really felt as though I was in a derelict Victorian mansion. We were seated in a lift by a very eerie hotel attendant, and were whirled into the ‘twilight zone’ and suddenly, without warning, the carriage dropped. I wasn’t expecting it at all, the drop was stomach churning and heart stopping. Especially when the hotel front opened at the height of the hotel, and we could see just how high we were, and if it weren’t for the circumstances, I would’ve quite enjoyed the view across the theme park!

Then when we had been on that ride, we went straight on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. This ride is for all the thrill seekers who want a very, VERY big thrill! The speed at which you speed off is breath-taking! The cars go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds! This rollercoaster involves a lot of twists and turns and upside down motions whilst hurtling through the dark. When we got off this ride, we were ready to chill out and grab something to eat. We went to a little restaurant on the side of Echo Lake. Here you get a range of sandwiches, drinks and crisps – typical American junk food! The sandwich I got was filling, and reasonably priced for a theme park.

After Hollywood Studios we went to Magic Kingdom. This was amazing for little kids because all the Disney characters were walking around and they were interacting with the kids. Being the big kid I am I got Minnie’s autograph and had a photo with Goofy! Although the park was good, some parts were just too childish for adults and teenagers, but in other parts it was fantastic. Tomorrow Land was particularly good for teenagers because some of the rides such as Space Mountain were very futuristic and fun.

When we went to Magic Kingdom, we went on the most popular rides first because if you leave it till about 1-2 o’clock, you will have to wait roughly 1hour to get on. However, you can get free fast passes on a first come first serve basis for some popular rides such as Big Thunder Mountain which was really good! The rides in Magic Kingdom I thought were excellent were Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tomorrowland speedway, Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. I highly recommend that you go on these rides because they are very family friendly and they are very very fun!

After that we went back to our hotel. We stayed at the Regal Sun Resort which is situated opposite Downtown Disney. This hotel was very nice. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Our room was high in the tower which made it better because you could see the entire parks and we overlooked Downtown Disney. We could see the fireworks from Epcot’s show each night which were really breathtaking.

The next day we went to Epcot. This park was my second favourite because all the rides in there were very good such as Test Track and Soarin’. There were some other rides which were good but these two were definitely the best. MISSION: Space was a really surreal sensation, and very cleverly designed. The food in Epcot was reasonable but after a while it started to get expensive so we began to bring our own food. After we had been on all the rides we wanted to go on, we went for a walk around the park. At the back of Epcot there is the World Showcase. This includes idyllic traditional buildings from countries around the world such as Mexico, China, United States, France and United Kingdom and many others. Each place had its own themed ride, merchandise, show etc, and each sold traditional cuisine. This was good because it gave us a chance to sample some interesting food we’d never tried before, and we can see how other cultures live, very stereotypically of course, as I realised when ‘England’ had a little castle, pretty gardens, a little pub, red phone boxes and even ornate Victorian-style lamp posts!

The next day we went to Universal Studios. We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel for two nights which was amazing because it was rock star and it was really nice looking over the lake and being in the park complex. When we got there, the staff were very helpful and they told us how to get to the rooms and where everything was. We then went straight to Universal Studios theme park which was amazing! There were so many spectacular and original rides there to go on which is always a good thing. The best ride in Universal Studios was definitely the Simpsons Ride. This was a really fun 3D simulator ride based on the tv show and it was crazy and very family friendly. We went on it at least three times!

The Hulk was my favourite in Universal Islands of Adventure. Islands of Adventure is where the rollercoasters are! It was good but it could be improved massively. Some of the shops were shut and some of the rides were too, which was a shame. Don’t miss out on The Spiderman ride!!! It was out of this world. It was really well designed, and the special effects are really clever. The 3D makes you feel as though you’re thrown right into the action, it’s so realistic you can even feel the wind when you’re falling! I loved the 3-D rides in every park that I went into because you felt as though you were part of the action. The best 3-D ride, though was Toy Story Mania. This was good because you felt like you were going to get hit when pieces of plates broke because it was that real!

Megan from Thornaby