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A Fabulous Holiday To Morocco With Friends

I travelled to Agadir, Morocco with my friends in November of last year. We had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed our week away. The November weather was surprisingly hot. It reached about 25 degrees Celsius and was hot enough to sunbathe around the pool or on the beach by the hotel.

We arrived at Agadir airport in the early afternoon and after we collected our suitcases we were met by airport staff wanting to carry our luggage to our transfer coach for us. It was a bit overwhelming at first and we didn’t really understand what was happening until one of the reps told us that they were after a tip.

During our transfer from the airport to the hotel our First Choice representative gave us a great deal of information about the resort. Our rep advised us to cover our knees and shoulders when venturing outside of the hotel district (which is where all the tourists are). It isn’t compulsory but yourselves and the locals would feel more comfortable as the religion is Islamic. One of the most useful tips we noted was to use the red taxis rather than the white ones as the red ones are cheaper.

The hotel, Decameron Agadir, was beautiful, set against a fine, white sandy beach bordered by the fabulous turquoise ocean. The hotel’s staff were amazing. They were so efficient! They offered to take our luggage to our rooms whilst we grabbed some lunch, and later when we had a problem with the lights in our room they were fixed straight away. When we returned to our room we were greeted with flowers, cake and fruit for the inconvenience. They were always happy to answer any queries we had too. There were a lot of activities going on in the hotel and to be honest the nightlife is mainly centred around the bigger hotels in and around the area with nightclubs in many of them.

We did a few organised trips while on holiday in Agadir. We took a camel ride in the desert one day. It was great fun, and just a 20 min drive from the hotel. Again it was away from the hotels so we covered up. This trip was really good value for money, and we were in the desert for hours.

We also took advantage of the Souk (local market). We covered up because this is out of the hotel district. On arrival we couldn’t believe the size of this market, it was huge! It was so expansive in fact that we got lost half way in! A local man saw we didn’t know our way around, and guided us the rest of the way around until we were ready to come home. He even flagged a taxi back to the hotel for us. The shopping at the Souk was amazing. The range of things you can find is incredible.

All in all it was one of the best girly holidays I have had and would return. I would definitely recommend a holiday to Morocco.

By Claire Barnard