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A Complete Guide to Sri Lanka’s Weather

Even just a mention of the term ‘monsoon season’ causes many a holidaymaker to second think their summer trip away, as these huge levels of rainfall follow on from months of heat waves.

But it’s important to remember that when the rain falls, the prices do too, so visiting destinations during the wet months could mean huge savings. This certainly applies to the mystical island of Sri Lanka, which experiences a regular monsoon season every summer.

The key idea to balancing both your budget and your need for some decent holiday sunshine comes from learning what time of  year Sri Lanka experiences its monsoons. That vital knowledge can often mean the difference between sunbathing beneath blue skies and huddling around your hoppers in the local snack shack.

Where to head for the best summer weather in Sri Lanka

The good news is, even in the heights of the wet season, certain areas of Sri Lanka are always fair game. During July and August the southern and western sides of Sri Lanka are very much in the throes of the monsoon season, meaning heavy rainfall but cheap holiday deals.

Meanwhile, the northern half of the island, Trincomalee for example, and the eastern coast are very much dry and sunny, with huge numbers of people flocking to the beaches to enjoy sand, sea and watersports.

The heartlands of the island also enjoy a great deal of hot weather throughout the summer months, as well as all year round, making them popular with those of us who are looking to indulge in the famous train rides across Sri Lanka.

When’s the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

There’s no wrong month to visit Sri Lanka, as the entire island enjoys an annual average temperature of 27°C. That said, temperatures tend to surpass the 30s in around April or May, making summers here earlier than ours.

However, one reason why July and August are such popular times to visit, even for those of us looking to capitalise on cheaper deals and risk the rainfall in the southwest, is because of the festivities that take place then.

For example, in the town of Kandy there’s the 10-day festival celebrating Esala Perahera, dedicated to the Tooth Relic of the Buddha.

Overall, Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for those looking to really explore a new and exciting world. Whether you come during the winter or summer months, you can expect good weather somewhere on the island, with temperatures high enough you can experience summer all year round.



Right next to the equator, Sri Lanka makes for the perfect winter warmer holiday.