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8 Amazing Sunsets from around the World

Taking pictures of sunsets is a favourite pastime of ours, and we’re always on the lookout for the best vantage points from which to snap that keepsake photo. It’s interesting that some of the best photos are taken after the sun has fully set, when things like rocks and trees in the foreground add definition and create gorgeous depth to the images.

So where are the best places to take photos of sunsets? When it happens every day from the window of your office at work it can be a bit less magnificent, but from the beach, pyramids or seaside restaurant, it can be awesome. Here are eight of the most amazing sunset spots from around the world, and if you’re keen to get there this holiday season, take part in our dolls life competition, where you can stand a chance to win £100 travel vouchers 🙂

1. The Maldives, Indian Ocean

A destination that’s long been associated with luxury travel, the Maldives islands are a great place to curl your toes up in the sand and watch the sun go down over the water. The gentle sloping sand, clear water and warm evenings – which lead to starlit skies – can be a world away from pressures at home.

2. Key West, Florida

The sunset celebration is a nightly festival that takes place at the Mallory Square Dock in Key West. Street performers, market food, arts and crafts and psychics are just some of the things that attract tourists to the square as the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico.

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3. Cova d’en Xoroi, Menorca

One of the most stylish places from which to view the sunset, this club is in a cave, high above sea level on Menorca’s south coast. Open since 1964, the club has been developed over the years with a series of terraces that lead into interior caves that have intimate seating  and a dance floor.

4. Negril Beach, Jamaica

For many people, this is a bucket-list item: to watch the sunset from the shores of Negril Beach in Jamaica, with a rum or virgin cocktail to hand. The bottom half of the beach, also known as seven-mile-beach in Westmoreland, is actually little more than four miles long, but its beauty is the stuff of legends.

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5. Agadir, Morocco

Morocco’s Miami, Agadir is also a really popular beach destination for holidaymakers. Wide, open streets lined with tall palms and winding alongside rows of elegant homes and beautiful gardens makes this a place for sunset strolls, followed by an evening drink in a swish hotel!

6. Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea, Egypt

Cloudless desert sunsets are different from the blushing sunsets that you might be used to at home. Because the Red Sea is smaller than other oceans, there are fewer clouds and certainly fewer storms, which mean that the weather from the Sinai desert sweeps over the sea and paints the sky red at sunset.

7. Anjuna Beach, Goa, India

Deserts, pyramids, nightclubs – fair enough, but sometimes all you want is a beach hut and a tasty snack, in which case, Curly’s beach shack in Anjuna is perfect. Order a pizza or seafood, have a beer or pick from a list of delicious non-alcoholic beverages and enjoy the sunset over the sea – just a few feet away.

8. Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus

If you’re in Cyprus and armed with a camera, don’t miss the opportunity to photograph Petra Tou Romiou or Aphrodite’s Rock near Pafos. The whole island has a fascinating connection with this Greek goddess, but the sea stack in particular is described as her birthplace, and watching the sunset over the bay is incredibly romantic!