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7 Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Alright, here’s the deal – you need better apps. There’s plenty you can find but which ones are worth having? Check out our travel apps guide, we’ve rounded up seven of the best.


This app offers a variety of ways to keep up to date on your travel schedule with their online flight status tools. FlightTrack uses colour-coding so that you can see if your flight is on time, delayed or cancelled. It can even keep you informed of your family and friends’ flights too. Simply sign up for a Tripdeck account and forward your confirmation emails and your flights will magically appear.


Now, don’t get too excited, this app can’t guarantee you the weather you wish for, but with features that include seven-day forecasts and schedules for over two million locations this is the only weather app you will need for planning your holiday or day trip. What makes it even better is that it’s so easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin without too many fancy gimmicks.


This app is brilliant for anyone travelling to the States. There is a collection of recommendations by locals on anything from The Runners Guide to Austin to The Best Southern Cocktails in Charleston. Unlike many other review sites Localeur covers things that can help you experience the city in ways that are, hopefully, unknown to most of you. We only wish that they would extend the list to other countries too!


With this app you can mail a postcard to anyone in Europe, USA & Canada. It’s not like the postcards you’ll see in the tourist shops. Postagram are experts in the art of turning your photos from Instagram, Facebook and your camera into real postcards. The app will allow you the ability to communicate and exchange your precious travel pics to your loved ones.


Yes most of you have heard of Skype and may already use it on your computer. But, this app is well worth downloading to your phone or tablet as it’s an absolute ingenious app and the coolest thing ever. Let’s face it, travelling can be tough sometimes if you’re leaving loved ones behind, but with Skype you can video chat and voice call for free from anywhere in the world. It will fill your days and theirs with smiles, and you never have to miss a special occasion.


This free app will change the way you pack forever. It’s one of our favourite travel apps around and by far the most used. It has been set up and designed to take the stress out of packing. We love it because it literally organises what you need to pack based on how long you’re away for, what the weather is predicted to be, and even what activities you’ll be partaking in. We know, its life changing!


Remember back in the day when you went on holiday and your luggage weighed a ton due to the amount of guide books and maps you packed? Then you realise when you finally get to reading the guide book, that its out of date and you still have no idea where the best restaurant is. Well, with this app, you’ll never fall into that trap again. TripAdvisor allows you instant access to millions of reviews for virtually everything you’ll ever need on holiday.

These apps are popular for a reason – they’re awesome! So if you’re going on holiday then check them out. We are sure you’ll love them too.

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