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7 things you should never bring back from your holiday

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling from the best holiday destinations or a bargain last minute deal. Stuffing your suitcase full of souvenirs is all part and parcel of going on holiday, but there are some things you shouldn’t bring back. Here is a tongue-in-cheek guide of what not to bring back.

Holiday Hair

Whether it is hair braids to stop the frizz (we’re thinking Monica from ‘Friends’) or you have colourful wool wrapped round pieces of hair or just the latest hair cut in Kavos, we all know someone who has come back with a dodgy summer hair do. They keep you cool in the heat of your holiday hotspot and when everyone is sporting a similar style it doesn’t stand out. But you soon realise that the cold chill of Blighty is not the optimum conditions for your stylish holiday hair. Plus, exposing your scalp to the sun is not always a good idea – especially if you are making partings in your hair that you don’t usually have. This sensitive area can easily burn so it is worth using a high-factor sunscreen on your head.

This year’s braid! #hairbraid

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A Tattoo

It may seem like a great idea when you’ve had a few drinks, and your mates want to get a tattoo to remember your holiday. So you stumble to the 24 hour tattoo shop to get inked. The next morning, you wake up with the monster of all hanger overs, and totally forgetting you went anywhere near a tattoo shop, that is until you look in the mirror. Trust me it’s never a good idea to get a drunken tattoo.

A Fake Accent

We’ve all found ourselves mimicking a fake accent on holiday, hoping that it will help us communicate better. Well according to Psychological Science, it turns out we are doing that right thing, no matter how ridiculous people might think you sound. Just remember to leave this adopted accent as the departure gate.

A Broken Heart

Having a holiday romance can seem all exciting and romantic at the time, but more often than not its ends as soon as you’re on the coach back to the airport. You want to be coming home with magical memories not a broken heart.

Bugs & Critters

Check your luggage and clothes for any unexpected and unwelcome bugs and critters, that are hoping to hitch a ride in your luggage. Nobody wants to see a bug scurry across the floor when you’re unpacking at home. To keep these stowaways at bay keep your luggage off the floor and make sure they are zipped closed at all times.

Contract Tropical Diseases from Local Animals

Whilst kittens and puppies are simply adorable, the last thing you want to contract on your holiday is rabies, or some other tropical disease. Many of the animals you encounter abroad are wild and unkempt, meaning they could be potentially ridden with disease. Try your best to resist their cute, fluffy ways and you’ll be much healthier for it.


You need to be aware that the seemingly innocent souvenir you have purchased may be banned in the UK, or your shopping could be subject to UK duty and tax. Examples of contraband are – coral, ivory, animal skins and drugs. Other banned items include souvenirs made from endangered and protected animals examples of which are ivory jewellery and ornaments, as well as animal skins whose trade damage the environment and further endangers rare species.

Have you ever unexpectedly brought anything home from aboard? .