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6 Sweet Treats to Help You Cool Down This Summer

It’s summer, you’re hot and the temperature outside is still rising. You reach for a cool beer or a cocktail, but you’re still thirsty, especially during the heat of the day. You’re body is begging you to rehydrate, and there are plenty of delicious drinks to help you cool down.

Adventure’s the name of the game. Cooling off is easy when the barometer is rising, you just have to be imaginative. And if you’re on holiday overseas then watch the locals – they conquered the trick of cool treats in the sun many decades ago. Here are some of our ideas to help you really refresh yourself.

Cool lemon drinks

This is the time to look for other options. Homemade Lemonade is a fantastic idea, its always refreshing, and if you really must, you can always add a slug of gin or vodka into this delicious mix. If you’re in France just ask for a Citron Presse, and in Spain, order Sangria.

Of course you don’t have to simply stick with lemons, fresh orange juice is stunning, as are mixtures of pomegranate and raspberries and a whole host of fruit concoctions. Think of the Vitamin C treat you’ll be giving your body! A cooling, healthy and tasty drink is just what you need after sunbathing.

Your freezer is your friend

Ice cream instantly comes to mind when thinking of deliciously refreshing summer snacks. You don’t have to have an expensive ice-cream maker to hand, just use your imagination. Grab some berries and then follow this fantastically easy recipe…

Mash the berries into a pulp and then work through a sieve. Heat up some sugar water, and then boil for only three minutes. Add water to berry pulp, add whipped cream and blend the whole lot together before freezing. The ice cream only takes a magical six hours to freeze and is the perfect way to refresh after a day at the pool.

Soups are fantastic for cooling down

If you want to be uber-trendy, cold summer soups are the way to go. They won’t be full of sugar, but they do fall into the category of sweet treats. From Spain’s famous Gazpachio to the Vichyssoiose so beloved of the French, these fantastic dishes are a brilliant way to revive yourself and enjoy a delicious meal.

Cucumber soup is wonderfully refreshing, especially with the addition of some tasty Greek yoghurt. There’s also a stunning cold yoghurt soup from Turkey that’s a fantastic way to cool down when overhead temperatures are soaring.

Lollipop, lollipop

That childhood-favourite is constantly reassuring and refreshing. Today’s lollipops aren’t only tasty, they look good too. Of course you can always buy them from a shop, but the homemade variety are often far tastier and a lot more satisfying to eat.

Cut up some peaches, strawberries, kiwi fruit and any other berries you have to hand. Place in a lollipop mould, and then cover with grape juice or any other fruit juice your taste buds require. Remember to insert a stick into the middle of the mould – freeze for six hours, and hey presto, you’ll soon be eating some of the prettiest and most refreshing delights in town.

Smoothies are sublime

A very easy way to treat yourself when the sun is blazing down is to either buy or make a berry smoothie. They look enticing, with the vibrant colours of the berries running through them – and they’re also seriously refreshing. Apple juice is a good base for any smoothie, and the choice of fruit or vegetables that you use is entirely up to you.

One way of making the smoothie extra special is to take some berries alongside equal quantities of yoghurt and milk, then blitz these together. Pour into 3 oz size paper cups to give the concoction some form and then place a stick in the middle and place in the freezer. Once the lollies have frozen, tear off the paper cups and eat. Delicious.

Iced tea is tops

Forget about all the sickly commercial cartoons of this delicious brew that you might see on supermarket shelves. Making iced teas yourself couldn’t be easier, all you need are some basic ingredients, a glass filter jug and a little extra space in the fridge.

Deciding which type of tea you’re going to use is all down to experimenting. Just add 2-3 tbs of whole leaf tea, fill with cold filtered water, add sugar and, if possible, add some small chunks of fruit. Place in the fridge for at least 4 hours and if you have the time prepare the day before, it’ll make life easier. When you’re ready, just strain and serve.

What delicious delights have you discovered on your travels? Let us know in the comments below.