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6 Destinations That Get Our Vote

On Thursday May 7 2015, Britain will elect the country’s next leader. The UK has got General Election fever.

Holiday Hypermarket conducted a survey to find out if there is a link between the political party you will be voting for this General Election and your chosen holiday destination – for the results click here. So, whether you’re a UKIP supporter, a Tory fan or a Labour follower through and through, it seems your choice of holiday is strongly linked to your political views.

This link was made when we surveyed over 2000 holidaymakers and came to the conclusion that Lib Dem fans like a ‘staycation’ and enjoy holidays which are typically British. Tory voters stick to familiar destinations, for instance, the Balearic Islands and Labour supporters are likely to travel to the South Pacific. UKIP fans opt for Egypt and Greens prefer faraway destinations. But the question is which destination would get our vote? Well, take a look at our political picks and find out where you should be holidaying this year.

Ibiza – Tories

A favourite with Tory party leader David Cameron, is the island of Ibiza. As one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands on the map with its cove beaches and famous sunset spots it’s easy to see why Cameron chooses this short haul hotspot as a quick escape from his hectic work schedule. Nothing says relaxation like this tranquil setting.

Although Ibiza is known as the Spanish party capital with its 24-hour shindigs in the resorts of San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa, it also has a whole list of quieter resorts such as Ibiza Town, which is celebrated for its old charm and Portinatx where you’ll find some of the islands most stunning rural areas.

Greece – The Labour Party

Labour fans listen up because Greece is your perfect holiday destination. With 40 diverse islands, Greece attracts 13 million tourists every year and offers something for every kind of traveller whether you travel for culture, local food, glorious beaches, or a toasty climate.

Often described as the Mediterranean’s best kept secret, Greece is slowly becoming one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. And if you’re not sure which island is for you, each island has its own draws so choose wisely. Mykonos is celebrated for its lively nightspots, Santorini is adored for its postcard-like views and Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, is renowned for its stunning beaches.

Mexico – The Labour Party

But if Greece doesn’t win your vote, we know what will. If you’re looking for year-round sunshine in a faraway destination then Mexico is a front runner.

Mexico holidays are known for their top-class hotels which are never far away from the sand. Lively nightlife spots, traditional Mexican cooking and the home of the Chichen Itza, one of world’s most famous archaeological sites, there’s nothing not to love about this sunscape.

Egypt – UKIP

UKIP voters, whose party campaign under the slogan ‘Believe in Britain’, seem to believe in Egypt when it comes to their preferred holiday destination. The land of the Great Pyramids is not only a remarkable abundance of ancient sites, but it’s also the choice of holiday for many Brits.

Why not head to Hurghada? This family-friendly resort is a great pick with its world-class scuba diving spots and modern marina with its trendy shisha bars and luxury yachts. Alternatively, there’s always Sharm El Sheikh which sits on the Red Sea coast and is great for its desert safaris. Nothing confirms you’re in Egypt more than riding through the desolate desert on a camel.

Malta – Liberal Democrats

The votes are in and our Lib Dem destination is Malta. Why Malta you ask? This home-from-home destination offers an English feel with its blend of Maltese and English speaking locals mixed with a unique British heritage. This destination is ideal for Lib Dem supporters with its roots in English culture, and as one of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta certainly packs in a great deal.

Rugged cliffs, ancient architecture and beautiful beaches all make up Malta’s diverse landscape. Also, if you love to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, Valletta, the country’s capital, has a bucket full including St John’s Cathedral and Casa Rocca Piccola.

Thailand – The Green Party

If you’re a fully-fledged Green, Thailand tops our poll every time. This long haul hotspot is fast-becoming part of every traveller’s bucket-list with its mix of tropical beaches and grand temples.

So, if you want to stay true to your political Green views then why not holiday like a backpacker and spend your days trekking through the jungle or exploring the Thai Islands on board a long-tail boat? From the city vibe of Bangkok to the paradise shores of Phuket, there’s no denying it Thailand’s friendly faced locals will keep you coming back for more.

Have any of these 6 destinations swayed your vote for Election Day?