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The Top 50 Instagrams of Costa Rica

If you’re prone to understatement, you could cheerfully describe the vibrant yet laid-back South American nation of Costa Rica as somewhat photogenic. The truth is, this destination has plenty of jungles, colourful buildings, storied colonial architecture and grand sweeping vistas by the score, with both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean backing that up all the more.

As you’d expect, the world of Instagram is ablaze with photos of Costa Rica taken right where the action is, and we’ve put together 50 of our favourites right here, to show you just how sublime this realm of beauty and serenity truly is.

another Costa Rican beauty pic cause it’s been a year since I’ve been there and I want to go back 😍💕🌅

A photo posted by Bryce Gressley (@brycegressley) on

For starters, have you seen their sunsets?

Imagine seeing that from the plane window…

The infinity pools are insane!

Would you believe this isn’t even the prettiest waterfall in the country?

No, this isn’t from a film or a videogame. This is real, all natural beauty.

Pura Vida!

A photo posted by Urvashi Banerjea (@urvashine) on

Who’s feeling adventurous?

Better put on those hiking boots, kids…

Told you the waterfalls just got prettier.

Colonial architecture is dotted across the land, speaking of bygone days.

Blue morpho butterfly. So insane when you step into a room with over 1000 butterflies

A photo posted by Effie!! (@siamalekas) on

Do you know how many butterfly species live in Costa Rica? It’s like… a lot. Really a lot.

“The most beautiful frog in the world”

A photo posted by Effie!! (@siamalekas) on

Local friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Vibrant hues define the landscape at every turn.

Snack on some savory chicharrones. #CostaRica #Foodie

A photo posted by Visit Costa Rica (@visit_costarica) on

Make sure you start your day with some local, home-cooked tucker.

Sloth sighting in a supermarket parking lot!

A photo posted by Michael Scalar (@scalarmichael) on

Some of us like to laze around in the sun a little more than others.

Imagine this. All yours.

Take your stress level down, high above the rainforest.

A photo posted by Visit Costa Rica (@visit_costarica) on

What could be better than a trip through the trees?

You don’t have to be deep in the jungle to swing from them.

Beach parties are all but mandatory in Costa Rica.


A photo posted by @cheechslyf on

It’s amazing to think that for some lucky souls, this is a daily treat.

A photo posted by @servaisinthesky on

There are worse ways to spend your day, right?

Imagine being one of the first Europeans to have found this realm of wonders.

I have this thing for parks and plazas….. #costarica #puravida #camionazo

A photo posted by Itzel (@itzelh3) on

Natural beauty is all well and good, but the parks of Costa Rica are pretty sumptuous too.

Truly magical.

Of course, there’s more than one way to get from A to B.

Tiny Ray #DiscoverCostaRica #CostaRica #PuraVida #GoPro

A video posted by Costa Rica | Nature | Wildlife (@discovercostarica) on

You can make friends anywhere you go.

PURA VIDA #globetrotting 🌿🌳🌎

A photo posted by @fernanda.mottura on

No, really. The waterfalls literally keep getting better.

Coffee, puppies and Costa Rica. Three of life’s greatest wonders in one sublime photograph.

Ya llegó el último miembro de nuestro equipo @vicareich 👌🏼#costarica #backpacking #onemonth #dayfive

A photo posted by Clémence 💫 (@clemencechrrl) on

Lush countryside as far as the eye can see. Go on an adventure.

Big Iguana seen in Costa Rica. #costarica #iguanas #travel #reisen

A photo posted by Uta (@uta_goingplaces) on

Look as grumpy as you like there, our scaly little friend. We all know you’re loving it here as much as we are.

Adorable turtles love the peaceful beaches of Costa Rica, where they often make their nests.

Pick a colour, any colour, and there’s probably a bird here to match it.

A while back @ home 🙌 #DiscoverCostaRica

A photo posted by Costa Rica | Nature | Wildlife (@discovercostarica) on

The waves are just as memorising at the views.

One of the more unusual venues to visit is this converted plane, which is now a leading hospitality locale.

Coffee beans: a cash crop in #costarica #latergram #puravida #blackandwhite

A photo posted by Priya (@ppprius8) on

Costa Rica and coffee have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship that’s celebrated worldwide.

Look at that colour!

Oh gosh. When can we move in? There’s Wi-Fi here, right?

A photo posted by Dr. Justice (@drjustice7) on

Nature and manmade structures mingle sensationally across Costa Rica.

Crazily enough, that’s still not even this country’s best waterfall.

Left winter behind for a while. Pura Vida! #puravida #arenalvolcano

A photo posted by Todd Moe (@moe.todd) on

Magnificent mountains and volcanoes dominate countless Costa Rican skylines.

#tucan colores #jungle #costarica

A photo posted by Szalai Marietta (@szalacsii) on

“It’s breakfast time. Anyone seen Sid? Larry, you look over there. He’s always wandering off.”

#nature #naturephotography #amazing #wildlife #costarica #lucky #backpack #backpacking #goodlife #goodtimes #animals #animal

A photo posted by Onno van Leeuwen (@onno.van.leeuwen) on

“Did someone say breakfast?”

Fire? Flower? Or just a parrot? Foto by Phoo Chan

A photo posted by Summer for you. Costa Rica (@summercostarica) on

“Back off! I saw it first!”

Greens and oranges – what a unique sunset.

Another perspective #DiscoverCostaRica 📸: @cesc_mora

A photo posted by Costa Rica | Nature | Wildlife (@discovercostarica) on

Roads have never been so scenic.

 There’s no shortage of breakfast buddies!

It’s not just about nature!

On days like this you can’t help but to miss the warm beach in Costa Rica

A photo posted by Holly (@hollydayztravel) on

Anyone pretending they don’t want to be right here right now is telling fibs of the highest order.

Pura vida is a way of life.

Beach, palm trees, hammock = pura vida ✌🏖😎 tag someone you want to be in these hammocks with!

A photo posted by Yeison and Samantha (@mytanfeet) on

The beach, hammocks and Costa Rica go hand-in-hand.

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