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5 Unmissable Day Trips in Rhodes

You’ve finally landed in Rhodes and arrived at your hotel. While your resort is wonderful and full of amenities, it’s a fantastic idea to explore the rest of the island. Take a walk through history as you stroll through Rhodes Town. The new area offers fantastic shopping opportunities, if history isn’t your thing.

The town of Lindos in the southeast of the island is famous for its stunning Acropolis, and its vibrant nightlife as well as its beautiful architecture.

Lovers of wildlife can go on a Rhodes safari or you could explore the waters that surround the island on a boat and dive off the boat to discover the shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea. Whatever type of tour you choose you’ll soon see there’s more to Rhodes than simply sun, swimming and lounging on the beach. Here are five ideas to help inspire you.

Taking a train through history

Rhodes Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and when you take some time out to explore this stunning place, you’ll soon understand why. From its fascinating winding alleys, extraordinary architecture as well as its monuments, Rhodes town is an absolute gem. Look out for mosques, churches and synagogues all from back in time, and be sure to include the Street of the Knights in your itinerary.

The local tourist train, the ‘wally trolley,’ that actually runs through the town will give you an awesome trip through some of Rhodes Town’s major attractions and will take you to the outskirts so you can visit Apollo’s temple. You can spend the rest of the day wandering around this enchanting town, stopping at a taverna and then continuing your tour.

The road less travelled

A fun way of exploring the island is to drive your way around in a 4×4. Parts of the island are remote and off the beaten track, so with this type of tour you will be able to see some of the fantastic countryside that dominates Rhodes, climb up some very steep hills and stop for snacks and drinks at remote village tavernas.

Many companies will arrange to pick you up from your hotel, and you’ll have a great day’s enjoyment with carefully planned routes along hidden byways. Try Jeep safaris to find out more.

Check out Lindos

The listed village of Lindos in the south of Rhodes has history, fantastic architecture and an acropolis, as well as some brilliant restaurants for relaxing and dinning. This place definitely merits a day spent enjoying its charms. To find experienced English speaking guides and more information about tours, the tourist office is right in the centre of the village.

You can start your day by scuba diving at the beach, then stroll around the village’s cobbled streets – there are some fantastic shops and restaurants here, and then round the day off with a visit to the Acropolis. Lindos is proud of its donkey taxis, and this is one of the best ways of climbing up to the 160 metre hill to the ancient monument.

Everyone loves a yellow submarine

The bottom of the sea is often as interesting as the land that surrounds it, and what could be more fun than taking a trip with the Yellow Submarine company and exploring the deep blue sea. The boat has massive windows under the waterline so you really can come up all close and personal with assorted sea life and take a good look at some of the many wrecks dotted around the island. If you’re too busy to take a trip during the day many of these companies also offer evening excursions.

Chasing butterflies

Part of the fun of holidays is doing something different. Rhodes is the type of island that has lots of hidden treasures that you’ll only see when taking life at a slower pace, on foot. Take a trip on the western side of the island, you’ll be able to spend time in the butterfly park near Salakos, and then make the climb up to Profitis Ilias mountain. The joy about this type of trip is you’ll be picked up from your hotel in a minivan. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll see some spectacular wildlife.

Alternatively you can take the butterfly train that will take you through the valley and right up to Kalopetra monastery. This might be an easier plan for those with young children. Whichever route you choose you’re sure to have a wonderful day out just taking in the beauty of the landscape and the stunning views.

Let us know which day trip you’d choose in the comments below!