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5 Reasons Why Mykonos Should Be on Your Bucket-List

Ah Mykonos, the Greek island of sunshine, beaches and picturesque white washed buildings. It’s surprising that anyone would need more reasons than this to visit a Greek island. But if you’re not yet convinced of Mykonos’ holiday appeal, have a read through our top reasons why it should be on your bucket-list this year.

Home to Greece’s best beaches

If you ask anyone what their top reason for visiting a Greek island is, you’ll hear a resounding answer. It’s the beaches. Mykonos has long been thought of as the island with the best beaches in all of Greece. The coastlines here come with a classic pure white sand with turquoise water stretching out as far as the eye can see. On the south coast you’ll find beaches with top facilities including umbrellas and sunloungers for hire as well as watersports to enjoy. Not only can you relish in the sun and surf but you can also indulge your taste-buds by the seaside. Mykonos’ beaches have plenty of Greek tavernas and restaurants lining the shore, so you can make it an all day event.

A wild nightlife hotspot

If you love a good night out on the town you’re sure to have heard of this Greek island. Mykonos is one of the biggest nightlife spots in Greece and is known for its epic beach parties and thriving club scene. The capital Mykonos Town is where all the action is happening, and you can hop from club, bar, karaoke joint and drag show all night long. In the summer months when the temperature is hot and the tourist season is in full swing Mykonos’ beach parties come to life. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach draw thousands of young people, with world class DJs and dancing into the wee-hours of the morning.

Brimming with Greek heritage and history

It wouldn’t be a Greek island without some history and Mykonos has plenty to go around. Its origins can be traced to over 5,000 years ago with occupation by numerous different civilisations. To discover some of Mykonos’ history for yourself you can visit the island of Delos. Its been called the island of the Gods and is thought to be where Apollo and Artemis were born. Today it’s a UNESCO world heritage site and holds temples, sanctuaries and statues dating back to 3,000 B.C.

If it’s good enough for celebs…

Over the years Mykonos’ celebrity clientele has continued to grow. In the 1960’s it saw some of the most famous people in the world visit including Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. More recently its seen celebrity guests like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey. Some celebs choose to dock their yacht in the gorgeous Mykonos waters, while other stay in the coastal 5* hotels. If a Mykonos holiday is good enough for these rich and famous faces it’s good enough for us!

Iconic windmill landmarks

Past all these reasons to visit, Mykonos still has something up its sleeve that’s different from any other Greek island. Its 16th century windmills can be seen from every point on the island and are the most historic landmarks Mykonos has. These Venetian circular structures were once used to grind wheat, but today are open for tours and have been turned into museums. It’s an experience you won’t get on any other Greek island.







From the history, to the beaches, to the celebrity lifestyles, there’s no end to the reasons you should visit Mykonos. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next Greek island holiday today and let us know why you’re going in the comments below.