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5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento

5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento

Italy is among the most desired destinations in the world, and the town of Sorrento is no exception. As one of the country’s most popular resorts, Brits have been flocking to this hotspot for centuries.

Staying true to its Italian character, this seaside town offers everything from traditional architecture to rustic restaurants and cobbled streets. So, if you’ve always wondered what all the fuss is about or you want to reminisce about your last Sorrento trip, join us while we explore the town’s biggest highlights.

Riviera views

It’s no secret, Sorrento’s scenery is spectacular. Situated at the centre of the Neapolitan Riviera, you get to experience two of the most beautiful views in Italy.

That’s right – alongside pretty Italian streets and far-stretching waters, you’ll find striking views of Mount Vesuvius and Naples Bay. Plus, its Neapolitan location makes Sorrento the perfect passageway to the Amalfi Coast, Italy’s starring attraction. But the colours here have to be one of the biggest highlights, if you’re not mesmerised by the houses, you will be by the gardens and growing fruits.

Unbeatable food

If food is the way to your heart, Sorrento is guaranteed to win you over from the get-go. We’ve all tried Italian food but nothing will come close to the flavours you’ll find in Sorrento.

Enjoy warm al fresco evenings overindulging on the most delicious dishes – think flavourful bruschetta, freshly prepared pizzas and homemade pasta. But whatever you do, don’t forget to sample as many gelatos as you can – after all, it’s a favourite Italian pastime. Famous for its zestful lemons and limoncello, Sorrento’s lemons are the best there is, so even if you’re not a fan of the citrus-based fruit we suggest giving them a try.

There’s plenty of history

Sorrento is a destination spilling with ancient relics. Inspiring history-loving tourists all over the world with its constant reminders of days gone by, don’t be surprised if you come across medieval-style buildings, ancient walls and an historical town centre. Palazzo Veniero, Palazzo Correale and the seats of Porta and of Dominova have become some of Sorrento’s most visited attractions over the years, all of which can be found in the old town centre.

This Italian town also makes a great base for visiting the frozen city of Pompeii, one of Europe’s most popular archaeological sites.

Shop Sorrento style

It’s not hard to spend a full afternoon circling Sorrento’s many shops. Carved into the town’s many narrow streets, make sure you take your time, or you may miss a bargain. The leather goods are worth shouting about, selling a good mix of bags, purses and even shoes, you’ll find top-quality products at low prices. Or, if you prefer to pay a little more for your clothes, there are plenty of designer boutiques where you’ll be able to pick up the finest Italian brands.

But it’s not all about the fashion, Sorrento shopping is also known for things like handmade tablecloths and fresh ingredients.

A sizzling Mediterranean climate

Located on Italy’s south west coast, Sorrento enjoys extremely mild Mediterranean temperatures throughout most of the year. Like most places in Europe the hottest months are July and August when temperatures can reach 29°C. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to take advantage of the town’s warm climate whether you choose to take a boat trip, soak up the sun on Sorrento’s hidden bays or discover the town’s scenic trails.

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