5 Free Things To Do In Antalya

5 Free Things To Do In Antalya

Antalya, a beautiful region on the south-west coast of Turkey, is one of the most popular areas in the country. When you consider its luxurious beaches, incredible All Inclusive resorts, roman ruins and rich culture, it’s not hard to see why! We’ve taken a closer look at this stunning corner of the world and put together some of our favourite things to do in Antalya that won’t break the bank…

Browse The Beautiful Bazaars

Your holiday to Turkey will really come to life when you visit one of the beautiful, bustling, traditional Turkish bazaars. Of course, it’s somewhere you could end up spending money, with such fascinating stalls and goods, but just the experience of wandering the colourful maze of markets is something special in itself.

In the bazaars, you can expect to find all kinds of treasures. Think anything from ceramics and jewellery to rugs and lamps to Turkish tea and spices. Some of the top spots in Antalya for bazaar browsing include the Bazaar Near the Clock Tower, Kaleici and the Saturday Bazaar in Lara. You can spend hours getting lost in them!

Visit The Epic Düden Waterfalls

The Düden Waterfalls are a stunning collection of falls right on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. There are upper and lower falls to explore, and it really does make for a magical day trip – especially when the sun is shining. You can even find a spiral staircase hidden behind the upper falls that lead you down into a cave. It’s completely picturesque and offers the perfect photo opp!

There are different ways you can visit Düden Waterfalls. A lot of people rent a car when they visit Antalya so they have the freedom to explore the many tourist spots in the region. If this is what you’re planning, you’ll be able to drive to the falls, park up and visit them for free. If not, there are a range of coach and boat trips that will take you to the waterfalls in guided groups, with varying prices.

Discover Antalya’s Historic Sites

History enthusiasts will not be disappointed on a trip to Antalya. There are so many spots to visit, from fascinating ancient ruins dotted around the region to iconic landmarks and museums. There are even ancient cities in different areas across Antalya that are just amazing to visit.

One of the most famous historical treasures in the heart of the city – which is free to go and see – is Hadrian’s Gate. It’s a famous landmark you’ll come across when you visit Kaleici. The structure, made up of three towering arches, was built in 130 AD to celebrate the visit of the Emperor Hadrian. It’s hard to even comprehend how long it’s been standing there for!

Stroll the Marina at Sunset

The Old City Marina in Antalya is just beautiful. You’ll find everything from small, sleepy fishing boats to flashy yachts bobbing in the waters. The views are spectacular, from the overlooking Taurus Mountains to the gorgeous rippling Mediterranean coast. Watching the sunset twinkle down to the horizon from this picturesque spot is the perfect way to end a day!

If you’d like to spend a little and make a night of it, there’s a fantastic mixture of traditional Turkish eateries and cool, quirky restaurants to choose from at the Marina. You can hop to different waterside bars throughout your evening, sampling a range of beers, wines and cocktails if you wish. If you like your holidays to consist of sophisticated refreshments in a romantic setting, this is the perfect place to visit.

Have a Beach Day at Lara Beach

Beach days are a given on sunny escapes, and there are certainly no shortages of beautiful beaches in Antalya! Some notable sands are Konyaalti Beach and Antalya Beach, but our favourite one to add to your to-visit list is Lara Beach. It stretches along the Turkish coastline for eight wonderful kilometres, offering endless idyllic spots to lay out your lounger, pop your sun cream on and tan the day away.

Lara Beach may be a fabulous spot for soaking up the sun and having that ultimate, relaxing me-time, but it’s also bags of fun for those who want to have a splash in the sea on their holiday. The Med in Antalya stays warm pretty much all year round, so no matter when you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy a cooling down with a dip. Lara really does have all the components of a perfect beach day!

Feeling amazed by Antalya? Why not take a look at our latest deals on holidays to the region? The enchanting history, incredible views, peaceful beaches and tumbling waterfalls are calling!

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