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33 Things We All Do On Holiday!

33 Things We All Do On Holiday!

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a four-night break to Rome or a two-week All Inclusive escape on of the Caribbean islands, we’re all guilty of these holiday habits.

1. Getting off the plane and complaining it’s too hot, because we’re British and no weather pleases us.

2. Underestimating the sun on your first day and achieving the lobster look.

3. If you’re not up at 5am for a sunbed, you have no hope.

4. Then feeling your blood boil when someone’s left their towels out all day and made no appearance.

5. We’ve all been caught stuffing hotel toiletries into our big beach bag. But let’s be honest, you’re not pro unless you snatch an extra miniature shampoo and conditioner from the cleaner’s trolley.

6. Instantly asking for the hotel Wi-Fi so that you can upload that legendary ‘hotdog legs’ photo by the pool.

7. And annoyingly captioning it on Instagram with ‘How’s your Monday?’

8.  Snapchatting your every move because everyone just loves to see your pointless photos of what you had for breakfast.

9. Hiding behind your sunglasses trying to figure out the family dynamics around the pool, you’ll spend the whole holiday questioning if the guy in the green shorts is with his wife or daughter.

10. Stealing food from the restaurant to feed the hotel stray animal and getting jealous when it hangs around other holidaymakers, after all, Nibbles started sharing scraps with you first.

11. Trying to pick up the local lingo and realising instead of asking for a drink you’ve just asked something totally inappropriate.

12. If you don’t order a pint as soon as the hotel bar opens, are you really on holiday?

13. How is it so hot, yet the pool is so cold? It’s all fine until the water reaches your stomach, then you pull dramatic facial expressions as if you’re being slowly tortured.

14. Praying its torrential rain at home and finding out there’s been a heat wave, typical.

15. Thinking you’re off America’s Next Top Model in your highly fashionable strappy bikini, then having to spend the rest of your holiday rocking zebra striped tan lines, we’ve all been there.

16. You don’t know pain until your feet touch the burning hot floor or sand and then you cha cha cha to the closest water.

17. Or if you can’t make it that far you’ll jump on top of your sunbed in utter shock and end up tipping the full thing over – been there, done that.

18. Picking your jaw up off the floor because the local supermarket sells Cadbury’s.

19. Then getting sassy because your chocolate bar is 50p more expensive than at home, once you’ve converted it into pounds.

20. Wondering why the McDonald’s at home are slacking off because abroad your fries are 10 times the size and they have much cooler items on the menu. Did we mention they deliver too?!

21. Watching the waiter look confused as you try to pronounce local foods, so instead you point to the menu in hope you ordered a pizza not paella.

22. When you hear the family next to you paid less than you for their holiday. Then immediately starting a mother’s meeting with the whole poolside to find out who got the best deal.

23. Putting the air-con then standing on the balcony to get warm because you’ve turned your room into a giant freezer.

24. Spending the day at the beach and complaining it’s too sandy.

25. Longing for your own bed because the hotel bed and pillows are made out of rocks.

26. Searching high and low for an English paper.

27. Then having to use dramatic hand gestures and slow talk to explain what you want, because when you ask for The Sun, they keep pointing to the sky.

28. Hunting down that secret spot everyone is talking about on Google maps but turning the sound down because there’s nothing more embarrassing then when your phone shouts TURN RIGHT.

29. Getting frustrated with the lack of English food in a foreign country, finding Diet Coke is like searching for gold dust.

30. Hop footing it to the restaurant early because you see the entertainment team heading in your direction.

31. A daily tan line check once you get out the shower, there’s use for those strappy bikinis after all!

32. You know your mum will just love a tacky ‘I heart Ibiza’ top and you can’t leave without purchasing a dodgy fridge magnet.

33. Realising wearing your holiday clothes home was a bad idea when you’re slugging your suitcase through the rain, wind and snow. Of course that heatwave everyone was posting about ended precisely two hours before you landed, good old British weather!

If all these habits have got you reminiscing, it’s about time you booked another holiday.

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