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Norwegian Cruise Line Calls New Ships Breakaway and Getaway

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has gone for an unconventional couple of names for its new cruise holiday liners, naming them Breakaway and Getaway respectively.

Hmm, this is a strange one. Obviously NCL wanted their new ships to epitomise the feeling of breaking out from the humdrum constraints of normal life for an incredible cruise holiday, but unfortunately I’m not convinced that the names work so well.

To me, “Norwegian Breakaway” sounds like a rogue warship abandoning its parent country to become a pirate vessel. “Norwegian Getaway” isn’t much better as it sounds as if the cruise liner is in fact the getaway vehicle in some sort of bank heist! (It would have to be an incredibly leisurely robbery.)

Naming ships is a tricky business, especially when you want your passengers to feel completely at their ease and build up a fond attachment to the name (as it will undoubtedly feature in their stories to tell everyone back home). Unlike navy warships, which only need to sound tough or inspiring, cruise liners need to sound glamorous, serene, classy and fun.

However, maybe I’m being a little harsh on NCL, as I’m sure most people will see the names the way they see it. Norwegian’s chief executive officer Kevin Sheehan said: “Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway epitomise both our Freestyle Cruising philosophy and our belief that these ships will offer a true respite, whisking guests away from everyday routine and delivering the ultimate cruise vacation,”

The important thing is that these brand spanking new ships will have everything needed to put their passengers in the lap of luxury while whisking them off on all-inclusive holidays to the exotic cruise destinations on offer from NCL.