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3 Jaw-Dropping Tilt-Shift Travel Videos

If you’re not already familiar with the tilt-shift video style, you’re in for a real treat. This nifty little technique employs a tilt-shift lens to distort the perspective of ordinary photographs, making them appear as if they were miniature toy sets. String enough of these photos together and you have a fascinating video, similar to a stop-motion animation, but with real life buildings, people and places.

Some avid photographers have already mastered this innovative method of making videos and created some truly stunning masterpieces. Here are three of our favourites below, which showcase the unique attractions of three enthralling cities – like they’ve never been seen before.


Where better to start than the home of all things tiny? The Japanese are famous for pioneering all types of new-fangled gadgetry which defies the laws of physics by becoming ever smaller and smaller. Now, with this excellent video from DarwinFish, you can imagine what it would be like to fit the thriving metropolis of the Japanese capital into the palm of your hand, as well

Towering skyscrapers are reduced to trifling Jenga-like building blocks and scuttling motorists resemble the toy cars of youth. You can almost imagine Godzilla rampaging through the pint-sized cityscape with ease! An excellent video which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Little Tokyo”.

Japan enjoyed a boom in tourism after an initiative to make holidays more affordable a few years ago, so there’s really no reason for you not to visit and see the city for yourself.


Istanbul on the move – A tilt-shift story of our beautiful city. from Nople Productions on Vimeo.

Istanbul was recently pinpointed as the third favourite destination for holidaymakers the world over this year, and its unique charms have never looked so diminutively endearing as in this ultra-high definition video from Nople Productions.

Even mundane everyday occurrences such as mowing the lawn or mounting the subway steps are given a special sort of enchantment when viewed through the tilt-shift looking glass, while the bustling network of ferries coming into port is sure to delight all who view it. See the Blue Mosque and Taksim Square in miniature… then consider seeing them up close and personal by visiting modern Constantinople yourself.

Rio de Janeiro

Last (but most certainly not least) comes this awe-inspiring video from Keith Loutit cataloguing a day and night in the Carnival of the city of samba. Marvel as the waves lap at the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema, a helicopter rescues a swimmer stranded out at sea and a cable car makes its meandering way up to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain (I challenge you not to think of Thunderbirds when you see it!).

All of that is just the preamble to the big spectacle, however – a show in the Sambadrome. Marionette-like parades of ghosts, ghouls, monsters, dancers, dinosaurs and everything in between highlights the very best that Rio has to offer.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in taking in a Carnivalesque performance but can’t afford the flights to Brazil, a solution could be found in Tenerife, just a stone’s throw from home.

Where do you find your travel inspiration—in videos like this, a favourite blog (ahem, we’re blushing!), travel guides? We want to hear you thoughts in the comments, below!