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25 Turkish Beaches You Need to Step Foot On!

If your holidays are all about the beach then you have come to the right place. From Bodrum’s wonderful coves to Fethiye’s vast sandy shores, and the stunning bays of Oludeniz, we have rounded up our top 25 Turkish beaches. With 436 seashores to choose from there’s no wonder Turkey has an endless list of Blue Flag beaches. So, sit back and take in the views as we set sail across the gentle Mediterranean Sea.

25. Amos, Turunc

Located on the Bozburun peninsula, sandwiched between the resorts of Turunc and Kumlubuk you’ll find this small unspoilt beach. This former Roman settlement is a tranquil setting which offers a relaxing backdrop away from the hustle and bustle of Marmaris.

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24. Sarigerme, Dalaman

Step foot on Sarigerme’s delicate sand and prepare to be amazed by this away-from-it-all seashore. As part of a National Park Conservation Area, this beach has toilets and showers if you plan on getting lost in its shallow waters.

23. Marmaris Beach,  Marmaris

Marmaris Beach may be narrow in size but it certainly packs in a lot with its array of watersports and plentiful sun loungers. Just a short stroll from Marmaris’ cafés and restaurants this is your ideal stop if you need a quick cool off.

22. Long Beach, Kusadasi

Long Beach definitely lives up to its name with its 18 kilometres of warm sand. This beaches peaceful water is great for swimming in, so if you can’t get enough of that feeling of refreshment when the salt water hits your skin, head down to Long Beach.

21. Ladies Beach, Kusadasi

This brown sanded beach is one of Kusadasi’s most famous coastlines with its pleasant atmosphere and family-friendly setting. This stunning stretch of sand is backed with plenty of restaurants and shops, so if you’re bored with sunbathing this beaches’ urban surroundings offer a great contrast.

20. Mermerli beach, Antalya

Don’t blink you might miss it – that’s right Mermerli beach is only a small strip of beach, but this doesn’t matter because it’s simply stunning. This private beach charges a small fee, but it will be worth every penny as you sit underneath ancient Roman walls and look out across Antalya’s breathtaking bay.

19. Altinkum Beach, Sinop

Located at the southernmost tip of the peninsula, finding this beach can be a tough task. However, this makes Altinkum Beach a fairly quiet sunbathing spot, which is great for anyone who loves secluded spots and hates sharing the sand with dozens of tourists.

18. Calis Beach, Fethiye

This shingle meets sandy beach stretches west for over 4 kilometres, making it a great place to soak up Fethiye’s blazing sun.

17. Ovabuku Beach, Datca

Ovabuku Beach is another of Turkey’s unspoilt beaches which slots perfectly into a backdrop of striking scenery. Small in size this shingle beach is your ideal castaway-like setting.

16. Gemiler, near Olu Deniz

Be the first to make tracks on this undiscovered diamond. Hidden behind hundreds of pine and olive groves prepare to be stunned when this spectacular seashore comes into view.

15. Ortakent, Bodrum

Half way along the Bodrum peninsula and surrounded by a rural town, you’ll find Ortakent Beach. This sun spot is great for watersports with adventure seekers trying out activities such as wakeboarding and kayaking. Why not book one of our All Inclusive Bodrum holidays and make the most of this beautiful beach?

14. Hisaronu Bay, Hisaronu

The resort closest to the beach offers a flashback to Turkey’s less developed past with just a small collection of restaurants, basic accommodation and a quiet bay. So, if you’re looking for pure tranquility Hisaronu Bay is your unspoilt hotspot.

13. Bitez Beach, Bodrum

Covered with olives and citrus groves this crescent shaped beach is your watersports heaven with windsurfing and parasailing all in an arm’s reach. Or, you can always have an afternoon nap under the trees in one of the many hammocks placed on the sand? That’s what holidays are for, isn’t it?

12. Moonlight Beach, Antalya

This award-winning sand spot offers stunning mountainous views with plenty of shaded areas if you need a break from the powerful midday sun. And if you’re lucky you may even spot wild sea turtles taking a swim.

11. Pamucak Beach, Kusadasi

Choppy waters, the Aegean coast, and dark sand, we have finally arrived at Pamucak Beach. Now, find a spot beside the ocean and feel the sun’s warm rays glide over every inch of your skin as you think to yourself “I’m on holiday”.

10. Butterfly Valley, Olu Deniz

Before reaching the Blue Lagoon, the god of all beaches, it seems almost wrong visiting any other beach in Olu Deniz, but Butterfly Valley is definitely one to consider. And if you’re wonder where its name originates from, it derives from the thousands of butterflies which live there. Accessed by boat, this beach is one of Turkey’s most stunning settings with its rocky backdrop and ever-changing colour scene, which comes from its surrounding red rock cliffs.

9. Lara Beach, Antalya

Sand so soft you can run your fingers through it. Yes, you guessed it we’re talking about Lara Beach. If you love nothing more than sinking deep into the sand then this is the shore for you – especially with its Taurus Mountains backdrop.

8. Cirali Beach, Cirali

As part of the backpacker trail this beach isn’t well-developed, making it the ideal spot if you’re looking for a desert island-style getaway.

7. Içmeler Beach, Marmaris Bay

Found in the bay of Marmaris, this straight-out-of-a-brochure-beach is your ultimate chill out spot away from Marmaris’ busy streets.

6. Kabak Beach, Kas

Want to escape Turkey’s commercial spots then this is the waterfront setting for you. Many visitors who come to the beach use this sandy spot to escape for an hour of two, often in one of the several bungalows or huts situated close to the beach.

5. Kleopatra Beach, Alanya

This is undeniably one of the most well-known beaches in Alanya with its romantic yet strange history. As you walk onto this beach expect to be greeted by cloud-white sand, olive trees and shimmering water.

4. Patara Beach, Antalya

This 11 mile beach is the longest in the Mediterranean, so you don’t have to worry about securing a sunbathing spot. Backed by dunes and ancient ruins, this is a beachside setting like no other, so sit back and absorb Antalya’s natural sights while you float in its translucent ocean.

3. Kaputas Beach, Kas

A mountain gorge with a small pebbly beach leading into the clear adjoining ocean, Kaputas Beach is certainly pleasing on the eye. It may be 400 steps down but it will be worth it when you reach the bottom and find yourself in a swimming spot that you could only dream of.

2. Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

We have nearly made it to our final destination, but before we reveal our number one Turkish beach let’s take a walk along Iztuzu Beach. This turtle-filled beach is great if you want to view wildlife as it’s a National Conservation Area which breeds loggerhead turtles. Accessed by boat it won’t be long before you’re surrounded by dramatic scenery and you’re baking on Iztuzu’s fine sand.

1. Blue Lagoon, Olu Deniz Beach, near Fethiye

Known as the Blue Lagoon this is the country’s most photographed beach, so it’s safe to say that this seashore has earned its place at the top. Not only has this seashore been described as one of the best beaches in Turkey, but it has also been described by some as one of the best in the world. With its Blue Flag status and mile-long stretch of gentle sand which sits just inches away from its never-ending rippling water, you have found paradise on earth.

Now, the time has come to pick your Turkish sunbathing spot, so choose wisely!