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25 Inspiring Instagram Snaps of Croatia

Fairly new to the travel world, Croatia continues to amaze us with its lush landscapes, good-looking cities and Adriatic Sea views, making it an Instagram favourite with travellers all over the world.

And if like us, you use this photo sharing app for travel ideas, take a look at our carefully-chosen Croatia posts, and you’ll be jetting off to this European jewel in no time. That’s right – we’ve listed 25 inspiring Instagram snaps of Croatia from flattering filters to beautifully-lit backdrops and perfect compositions.

You don’t have to head to Santorini for amazing sunsets.

And if you’re still not convinced, what about this one?

But it’s not just about city views!

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There’s something about the sun shining over Rovinj, right?

The food is to die for too.

And it tastes even better with a view.

Nothing says romance like a heart-shaped island.

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Or, if that doesn’t impress you what about a fish-shaped one?

Croatia’s not just for humans.

Just another stunning national park.

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Who needs Rome’s Colosseum when you’ve got Pula’s Arena.

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And don’t forget to ride the cable car.

Rovinj nights, enough said.

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Croatia even has its own great wall.

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Oh Dubrovnik, you’re so beautiful.

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Croatia makes a rock in the middle of the sea look stunning.

Fancy a dip anyone?

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Now, that’s our travel inspiration!

Croatia has beaches too.

So, can we just take a second to appreciate one of its most photographed?

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You don’t just get castles and forts in Croatia, you get palaces.

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There’s a calendar full of events, like this large solar powered light show.

And this cultural festival.

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Not to mention, tons of music festivals.

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Here’s one last Croatian beauty for the road.

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