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The Caribbean Brought Closer To Home…

Boa Vista forms part of the stunning Cape Verde islands nestling just off the coast of Africa, and to the south of the neighbouring Canary Islands.

Having spent much of its life uninhabited, the archipelago came under Portuguese rule during the 15th century following its discovery by Italian and Portuguese navigators around this time, and the Portuguese influence is still very much in evidence today.

One Of The Many Shipwrecks Around Boa Vista

Despite gaining independence as recently as the early seventies, Cape Verde has made an instant imprint on the tourist market and has plenty to offer the discerning traveller, boasting 55km of immaculate beaches which include the sands at Santa Monica Beach, often described as one of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere in the world.

Boa Vista is the most eastern of the islands and is a sunbather’s paradise. Drenched in sunshine for most of the year with soft golden sands that have blown in from the Sahara, Boa Vista holidays offer the climate of the Caribbean without the long flight.

The shoreline offers everything from vast stretches of open sands to small rocky inlets left behind by the volcanic eruptions that gave birth to these islands many years ago. Throughout the island’s interior you’ll discover quaint pastel coloured villages interspersed amongst the volcanic hillsides and traditional restaurants that serve fresh fish dishes with a mixture of Portuguese and African influenced menus.

The islands capital is Sal Rei which is known for being relaxing by day and energetic by night, as the locals meet for some serious socialising and the streets come to life with the sound of laughter and chat, and the main square echoes to the Cape Verde mix of African and Portuguese beats.

Sal Rei also has a charming harbour, perfect for sitting and watching the world go by or catching the ferry which will take you to the other islands in the group.

The waters surrounding Boa Vista offer a wealth of water sports and dare devils often find the kite surfing here very stimulating whilst the warm Atlantic breeze makes wind surfing conditions just about perfect.

Beneath the surface scuba divers will be treat to an eerie grave of shipwrecks, brightened by the fascinating marine life and colourful corals that live amongst them.

Rainfall is minimal on Boa Vista and the temperature rarely drops below 20°C at any time of year, making the island perfect as a winter holiday destination.

So if you are looking for some early sunshine on your 2018 holidays, want an exciting new destination and are looking forward to relaxing on a stress free break, then look no further than Boa Vista, one of the most exciting things to happen to tourism in recent years.