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20 Reasons You Need To Get Away This Christmas

20 Reasons You Need To Get Away This Christmas

The festive season is almost here, what better way to celebrate it than with a holiday? It may not be the most traditional way of celebrating the winter festivities, but there are plenty of reasons for you to consider a trip abroad this Christmas – 20 reasons, in fact, and here they are.

1. The days are getting shorter


Since the clocks went back we’ve been experiencing that dreaded shortening of the days. That means less sunlight in Britain’s already overcast weather. It’s time to go somewhere where those hours really count! Try Costa Rica or Cape Verde for the best winter sun.

2. It’s cold!

It’s December, it’s going to be cold. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. Christmas could be spent nicely toasting outside over a jug of sangria in Mexico or riding a camel in Lanzarote.

3. You’ll come back with a tan for New Year

A new year, a new you, a new tan! You’ll be the only one of your mates entering 2017 with a bronze on. Start as you mean to go on, because if you’re rocking the tan this early you wont want to lose it. You’ll be off again before Easter to top up.

4. It’s not cold enough


This one is for those of you who are on the other side of the fence – in classic British style, no matter how cold it gets around Christmas, you can bet it’s not going to be cold enough to give us that mythological ‘White Christmas’ we’re all dreaming of. If you’re after the traditional Christmas look this year, head to Iceland. The clue’s in the name.

5. Save money

Sure, trips abroad cost a pretty penny but not as much as they do in the summer months. Plus, going abroad is definitely cheaper than all those presents, Christmas food, cards, tree, etc. You could find that going away at Christmas will actually cost less than staying in the UK, how about that?

6. Souvenirs can double up as presents

Been a bit lazy on the Christmas shopping front? Having a holiday away is the perfect excuse to hold off on the mad rush to the shops the weekend before the big day – instead you can pick up some unique souvenirs from your trip abroad which can double up as Christmas presents for when you get back. Your friends and family can get a ‘bonus’ present after they’ve opened all of the rest on Christmas day, and you won’t have to run to the shops last minute either. Win-win.

7. No traffic jams

No icy roads, traffic jams or long trips to visit relatives. You just get yourself to the airport and back, then everything’s smooth sailing until you’re in your perfect resort with the sun, sand and sea to keep you company.

8. You could meet Santa


When Santa’s doing his rounds he doesn’t have enough time to stop and say hello to everyone on his nice list. For a real shot of a chat with the big guy, you should go to him. Book a visit to his home in Lapland – we hear cookies are given out freely.

9. European Christmas markets rock

European cities have a fantastic tradition of throwing massive market festivals around Christmas time. Germany and France lead the way with Nuremberg and Lilles, but you can safely bet on any big EU city having their own impressive spread.

10. No cheesy Christmas music

The shops start playing that same Christmas playlist early, sometimes even in November. While that first Jingle-Bell Rock may get us all in the mood, it starts to get a little annoying. A trip abroad brings with it a whole new playlist!

11. You could be watching the Aurora Borealis

northern lights

Norway and Finland are famous for the beautiful natural wonder of The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis. Heading to the Fjords this Christmas could bring with it the most magical thing you’ve ever seen.

12. Experience different cultures at Christmas

Probably the most rewarding reason on this list – if you’re going abroad you get to experience how other cultures celebrate Christmas, and the traditions they find important. For example, in Czech Republic women throw one shoe over their shoulder and if it points towards the door, they’ll get married that year.

13. New year, new country

Escaping for Christmas also means that you could plan your holiday to see the year out whilst in a foreign country. This not only means you’ll get to experience a different way of celebrating New Year, but it also means you’ll see get to start your year on fresh soil.

14. Treat yourself

Bottom line is – it’s been a long year and you deserve to get away at Christmas. Consider it a present to you, and if anybody questions you, you can just ask them why they didn’t have the same great idea!

 15. Avoid the rush

christmas rush

Queues in shopping centres, running to snap up the last turkeys. Forget all that, if you’re spending Christmas abroad you don’t need to worry about the rush, you’ll have everything brought straight to you, especially if you book an All Inclusive break.

16. Put the turkey back

Christmas in the UK means having to host your own Christmas dinner. Escaping to a faraway paradise means no fretting about the fact that Aunt Josephine is going vegan and that little Harry is allergic to almonds. Or was it walnuts? You can skip the turkey and the trimmings altogether this year and try out some delicious Christmas delicacies from around the world instead.

17. Escape the in-laws

The Christmas holidays can be a true test of of diplomacy in the best of households. Book a holiday away to give yourself a break from the family politics this year. Just imagine laying on the beach in bliss with a cocktail while it all kicks off at home.

18. Or bring them all with you


If you’re so inclined, you could even bring the whole family out on holiday with you. Mum, Dad, Gran, and the kids can all open their presents on the beach as the sun begins to rise. You certainly won’t forget this Christmas in a hurry.

19. Meeting half way

Have friends or family abroad who you haven’t seen for a while? Avoid the drama of who should fly to who and book a Christmas break away together so that you can all meet and explore somewhere new. There are lots of holiday villas available this time of year, so everyone can squeeze in for some festive fun.

20. Get some perspective

As the year draws to a close, we’re all aware that after Christmas it’s a long spell of wet weather before summer pokes its head out again. There’s no better time to get away and have some time to yourself, to take stock and decide how you want to spend the next year.

Ever been abroad at Christmas? Share your experiences below!

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