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19 Handy Tips For Packing Like A Pro

With luggage restrictions and the worry of getting to the airport on time as well as having to pay extra charges if you reach your luggage allowance, it’s invaluable to know how those experienced and frequent travellers pack to maximise space and keep their suitcase weight down. These tips will also help you organise your case more efficiently so packing becomes less of a chore.

Most of us are guilty of packing too much when we’re travelling. As much as this seems like a good idea at the time, it soon becomes a problem when we struggle to lift our awkwardly-heavy case off the airport conveyor belt. So to avoid this in the future, why not change the way you pack and try some of our handy packing tips.

Double check how many bags you are allowed to check in and then weigh each one.

Plan a day in advance – think about what you’ll be doing and pack accordingly. This way you should avoid over packing. But make sure you stick to it. Don’t start adding extra options just in case you need them, because you won’t!

Roll items, including t-shirts, underwear, jeans, cotton trousers and anything knitted. Other items such as shirts, dresses or anything which creases easily should be folded carefully.

Fold clothes together – you can take more than one item, for instance, a dress and lay it on top of another item while you fold the bottom one over the top. This provides a cushion which means your clothes are less likely to crease.

Wear any bulky items such as coats and jeans for travelling – this will save room in your case.

Be prepared and keep all travel essentials in one place at home. If you have one place for travel adapters, passports and maps, this will save the stress of turning your house upside down in a desperate bid to find them. You’re also less likely to forget something when packing.

If in doubt over any item you have packed, take it out! Chances are you’re not going to wear it.

Place medicines, chargers and your evening bag in your hand luggage.

When packing for each day, subtract one day. So if you’re going to be away for seven days, pack for six. You’re bound to wear at least one item twice, plus you can mix and match so you don’t have to wear the same outfit more than once.

When writing your luggage labels, only put on the address of your hotel. Do not display your home address in public as this is openly advertising that your home is empty.

Make sure you weigh your case before you travel and leave yourself a few extra pounds in case you go on a shopping spree.

If you’re travelling with kids, give them each a backpack. Let them fill the backpack with whatever they need such as toys and games, but once the backpack is full or they can no longer lift it, do not let them pack anymore.

I hope these hints and tips help you when packing for your next trip. Do you have any tips that you can add?