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15 Annoying Tourist Habits – How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Holidays are all about escaping the daily grind, but despite our efforts to relax, other tourists aren’t so well behaved. We all love to have a whine about these annoying tourist habits, despite being guilty of half of them and finding them extremely entertaining whilst taking in our daily dose of people watching. So here at Holiday Hypermarket we’ve put together a list of our top 15 peeves.

1. The queue jumpers

We are notoriously good at queuing, and we don’t take kindly to queue jumpers or those that don’t queue properly.

2. The selfie taker

Being so focused on getting that perfect holiday pic that they don’t notice the world around them.

3. The litter bug

No more words needed!

4. The chatter box

People who insist on talking non-stop when you’re trying to get some shut-eye on the flight.

5. The seat-stealer

Those who jump into the empty seat next to yours the minute its vacant, then have the cheek to not-so-subtly push you out of your seat because they need more space.

6. The ones in a rush

The tannoy announces the gates have opened. So automatically, everyone rushes up to get their seat, even though the seats are already allocated.

7. The jumpers

Jumping up as soon as the plane reaches the gate – they literally couldn’t jump up quicker.

8. The early birds

Reserving their sunbeds at the crack of dawn so they can nab the best ones.

9. The animators

Speaking very, very slow in English, so people will understand them better, or so they think.

10. The repetitious ones

Talking about their holiday endlessly when they get back home – this time last week, this time 2 weeks ago…

11. The irritable ones

It’s too hot outside? We hope they know they’re on holiday and the heat is actually to be expected.

12. The complainer

Complaining daily that they can’t get a good cup of tea, how dare other countries not have proper English tea?

13. The annoying passenger

Those who insist on kicking the back of the seat for the entire flight.

14. The path blockers

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking along the promenade and someone just stops abruptly in front of you, probably with a selfie stick.

15. The disrespecting ones

Not respecting the local traditions, just try it, it’s tradition.

How many of these are you guilty of? Can you think of any we may have missed?

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