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12 holiday scenarios every couple can relate to!

12 holiday scenarios every couple can relate to!

Going away on holiday with your partner whether it’s for the first time or the 50th time comes with it’s laughs, loves and of course some challenges! How many of the following scenarios can you relate to?

1. The feeling of finally getting booked after weeks of debates

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a holiday is actually deciding or agreeing on where to go! We’ve all spent endless nights scrolling every travel site going trying to find the most perfect deal, so when the moment of confirmation finally comes, it’s always one of euphoria!

Excited couple booking a holiday

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2. The countdown to go

Ok you’re booked, now just 284 days to go… Best be getting those suitcases out the loft and your countdown apps set up! Also lets not forget, you simply must remind your work colleagues each and every day of how many more are left to go.

3. Drama on the way to the airport

You’ve done it! After playing Jenga with your suitcases trying to best position them into the car, you’re on your way. Now let’s just hope for minimal traffic and only the occasional detour from those wrong turns…

Man taking a break, packing for a trip


4. The triple checking of tickets, money, passports

No matter how many times you’ve checked your bag for your tickets, travel money and passports, your heart still sinks each and every time you’re asked if you have them. That is until yes, you’ve realised once again that they are in fact still there!

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5. The first drink of the trip

Usually in the airport, straight after check in and a browse around duty free! The holiday starts here even if it is ridiculous o’clock in the morning, it’s 5pm somewhere right…?

Airport drink

6. The first night out

After the high of FINALLY being on your long awaited holiday, it’s inevitable that one of you accidentally gets a little bit too excited over the range of cocktails on your first night. Hey it’s not your fault right, the drinks are always a stronger abroad!

7. The application of sun cream

One of the most important parts of the holiday, making sure you keep your skin protected from the sun! Problem being, you’re oh so comfortable on your lounger and the effort needed to keep your other half’s back from burning, well, it’s more painful than their sunburn. – We’re joking of course, but getting those sun cream application timings right can still feel like a military operation.

Woman with sunscreen in form of SPF 50 word on her back sunbathing on the sunbed at the beach


8. Trying to pick up the local language

We all start thinking we’re fluent in the language because we gained a GCSE however many years back. That is until you’re asked to just speak in English because you’re better understood…

9. Your phone dies

The worst has happened, you’re out on a day trip, your phones battery dies and you’ve forgot your power block! That’s no more photos of the scenery which you’ll likely not look at again anyways, no more stunning selfies and no more checking in on Facebook – Oh what to do now.

Young caucasian man angry, frustrated and furious with his phone


10. Meeting new best friends only to never speak to them again on return home

You couple up with another couple and become the best of friends. You lounge around the pool together and enjoy drinks on an evening which result in the planning of so many meet ups for your return to the UK. These hardly ever happen, and you simple remain long distant Facebook friends.

11. Trying all the food!

One of the best parts of a holiday is leaving any diets at home. Whether you’ve gone all-inclusive and are filling your boots at the buffet or your self-catering your way around all the local restaurants. No guilt eating is the ultimate indulgence! That is until something doesn’t agree with you… happens to the best of us.

Couple enjoying food on holiday

12. Holiday blues

You’ve had an amazing 7-14 night break but the time has come to return home. After being with your partner 24/7 you’re not only missing your amazing holiday but their constant company too! Not to worry, we have the perfect cure – another holiday!

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