12 Holiday Essentials You May Not Have Thought Of

12 Holiday Essentials You May Not Have Thought Of

Heading on a holiday and a bit out of practice when it comes to packing? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Without stating the obvious (we know you’ll remember your sun cream and your swimsuits!) we’ve put together a packing list of essentials you’ll truly be thankful for. Take a look and get prepped for your next stint of fun in the sun…

Towel Clips

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting up on your sun lounger to grab a drink or reach for your book, and then a breeze whirling along and blowing your towel out of position. This is where towel clips come in as one of the smallest but most helpful holiday essentials! You don’t realise how much you need them until you’re there, repeatedly trying to re-organise your towel and keep it in place. Believe us, they’re worth it!

Reusable Drinks Bottle

This holiday essential doesn’t only help you – it helps the environment too! We’d recommend taking a bottle with you that’s made to hold a cold temperature. Especially in the heat, there’s nothing like a nice, chilled drink. It could be that you fill your bottle with water to keep hydrated, or you may want to ask the hotel staff to serve your cocktails in it to help keep them cold and reduce the use of plastic cups and straws in the hotel. You could even bring one for each!

Sun Protection Scalp Spray

The first rule of holidays is to remember your sun cream each morning. However, many of us struggle to protect our scalp from the sun and have to spend time under parasols or wearing sunhats. Did you know though, that you can get sun protection spray specifically made for your scalp? Many suncare brands have a solution that’s non-greasy and can be easily applied to your hairline or parting. It’s a total game-changer for those who don’t like wearing hats!

Insect Repellent Wristbands

Depending on your destination of choice, you may need to keep yourself protected from nasty insects in the evenings. Many people bring with them a bottle of anti-bug spray, which is great, but there are also insect repellent wristbands you can get which will help to double up your protection. There’s nothing worse than painful bites, so anything you can do to protect yourself from them is a must! We’d recommend buying these in the UK as they can be much more expensive in airports or abroad.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Want to capture all the action of your holiday in bright photos and fun videos? Phone cameras these days are incredible, and a waterproof phone pouch will allow you to snap amazing memories even when you’re in the pool or the sea. They come on secure lanyards, meaning you don’t have to worry about your phone when you’re not using it. Again, these are much cheaper to buy in the UK than in airports, so grab one before your travels!

Lip Balm With SPF

Your lips need protecting just as much as the rest of you on your holiday, so packing a moisturising lip balm with SPF is essential. We’d recommend keeping topped up through the day, especially if you’re visiting somewhere with a tropical climate. There are plenty of handy options to travel with, and as such a small addition to your suitcase, there’s no excuse not to pack it!

Power Bank

Are you the kind of person who likes to explore and take lots of photos on your holiday? If so, it’s a good idea to take a power bank so you’re always able to access your phone. This is handy for everything from airport documents to Google Maps. You can get some really compact power banks these days that will charge your phone multiple times, so you’ll never be stuck out of battery. Please note that power banks must be carried in your hand luggage, not your hold luggage.

Hand-Held Fan

We all go on holiday for the heat, but sometimes it can get a little much. This is where a hand-held fan comes in handy. You can get battery powered fans, pretty folding fans or even manual fans with a little handle to turn which generates a refreshing breeze to keep you cool. This is another very small addition to your suitcase that could make the world of difference when you’re feeling a bit too hot by the pool or on the beach!

Water Shoes

Water shoes are particularly handy for the adventurous holiday-maker. You’ll need them on many exciting excursions, from gauge walking to waterfall climbing – basically anywhere you may be walking through water! Even so, those who like a quieter holiday could benefit from water shoes too. They make swimming in the sea that much more comfortable and keep your feet protected from unexpected rocks or seaweed. We’re never without them!

Quick-Dry Towel

You don’t realise how great a fast-drying towel is until you have one. Is there anything more annoying than drying off in the sun, picking up your towel and realising it’s still wringing wet? Microfibre towels are really practical. They dry out in around 15 minutes and are smooth, therefore sand easily brushes off them. If that’s not enough, they fold up really small meaning they don’t take up a lot of space in your case. If you can’t tell already, we really love them!

Bright Luggage Tag

Everyone knows the feeling of waiting at the luggage conveyor belt and hoping our suitcase will be one of the first ones out so we can get on our way. Attaching a bright tag, ribbon or elastic belt to your suitcase will make it so much easier to spot your case among the hundreds of others from your flight. Another very simple item to add to your checklist, but one that will make the journey that little bit easier!

Medication Bag

If you take regular medication, this final suggestion will go without saying. However, we wanted to highlight medication bag staples you may have forgotten about such as travel sickness tablets, antihistamines and paracetamol. The last thing you want on holiday is to feel ill or have allergic reactions, so being prepared with the right medication is essential.

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