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11 Facts You Did Not Know About Jamaica

Jamaica is known as a fun in the sun island with its year-round tropical climate and laid-back vibe. Many holidaymakers head here because every day is a chill day, but, did you know that Jamaica boasts so much more? How many of you go out and explore the island and learn about its culture?

Well, lucky for you we have found 11 of the most unusual facts about Jamaica that many tourists don’t know about – but don’t be surprised if there is one or two you already know!

Fact 1

The Jamaican flag came from a national competition. The green represents the lush landscape, the yellow for the golden sunshine and the black represents the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people.

Fact 2

Author Ian Fleming designed and built his house in Ocho Rios and called it ‘Goldeneye’. It was here that the 007 agent was created as the famous author went on to write 10 James Bond novels.

Fact 3

In 1994 Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean to launch a website. The website was –

Fact 4

Most people know that Britain was the first to build a rail-road but, what many don’t know is that eighteen years later Jamaica built theirs. Considering Jamaica is known as a third world country they still managed to construct a rail-road well before the United States.

Fact 5

Jamaica is home to the world’s fastest man – Usain Bolt. This famous athlete was also the first man to hold the world record for the fastest hundred and two hundred metres.

Fact 6

Jamaica is known for its hot weather, so the coldest temperatures here will be found in a fridge. But despite its toasty climate, they debuted their bobsled team in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, they came in last but it did inspire the film ‘Cool Runnings’.

Fact 7

Believe it or not finding a snake in Jamaica is very rare. In 1872 Jamaica imported the mongoose to rid the cane fields of rats, and as an added extra they have almost wiped out Jamaica’s snake population. Therefore, coming across a slithering snake is a very exceptional find.

Fact 8

In 1962 Jamaica became the first country in the Caribbean to gain independence. They chose to remain a member of the British Commonwealth, making Queen Elizabeth II the Queen of Jamaica but only by tradition.

Fact 9

With over 1,600 churches Jamaica has the most churches in the world. So, trying to find a church in Jamaica is never a problem.

Fact 10

Jamaica is home to the world’s most radioactive spa – Milk River. According to many of the locals this spa has healing powers, so people who suffer from arthritis, sciatica and nerve problems tend to come here to bathe in these soothing waters. Watch out though, visitors can only soak in these waters for 10 to 20 minutes due to the heat of the water.

Fact 11

If you think you’re seeing double when you’re in Jamaica that’s most probably because you are. No need to rush to the opticians to get an eye test because Jamaica is known to have more multiple births than anywhere else in the world.

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