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10 Scarily Suitcase-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the great British traditions (ahem –so we may have borrowed it from the US) and we like to do it in style. So just because you are heading off on your holidays, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Here are our top 10 ideas that will mean the packing won’t be as frightening as your costume….

1. Cat

Ahh, yes! The go-to option for the low-maintenance among us. All you need is your staple black outfit (which you can go clubbing in as well), some eyeliner, some ears and a tail. Get a (very) well-trusted friend to draw on your nose and whiskers and you’re ready to go.  

2. Pumpkin

This one’s perfect if you’ve over-done the sunbathing in Barbados and forgotten your Factor 30. Fake tan will also come in handy for this one – although make sure you choose the wash-off variety!

3. Edward Scissorhands

Frighten passersby with the hairdresser-gone-wrong look but just make sure you have no sharp items in your hand luggage…You will need a white shirt, some braces, some cardboard (for the scissor hands) and white makeup.

4. Dia De Los Muertos

Celebrate the deceased with food, dressing up and fun. You’ll get maximum points for this costume in South America, particularly in Mexico where the idea originates. It will also put your sombrero to good use!

5. Skeleton

Purchase a glow-in-the-dark outfit before you go — a black top and trousers with an illuminated body will get heads turning and will make you easy to find in that Balearic club.

6. Dead Gangster

Go back in time… You will need a dapper suit, a trilby, a shirt and tie, cigar and face paint. Ready for the best news? You can wear this getup (without the face paint) on other nights out whilst you sip Cuba Libres in the hotel bar.

7. The Walking Dead

Zombies are still very ‘in’ this season and you’ll only need some old clothes, face paint and some good acting skills. Take it further by combining pop culture with the zombie look (dead One Direction, anyone?).

8. Mummy

You will need one vital component for this: your trusty loo roll. If you’re prone to over-heating, this one’s better suited to cooler climes. You will need time, patience – but best of all, not much cash — meaning more holiday spending money!

9. Cruella de Vil

That multi-purpose LBD had to come in useful at some point. Blend glamour with the fear factor and team with red gloves, white coat and red lipstick. For the white streak in your hair simply use your holiday staple – dry shampoo.

10. Corpse Bride

Apply fake blood and paint your face white, blue or grey. Team with a white veil and gown that you can dress up or down as much as you like. Use a white sarong for the veil and get extra mileage out of your costume on the days you’re not pretending to be deceased!
Image credits: luggage, face painting