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10 Reasons to Spend Your Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

White sand beaches, shimmering azure water, crazy-big luxury resorts and an endlessly warm climate to match – at this rate, we’re struggling to think of a reason NOT to holiday in the Dominican Republic for your honeymoon.

This little country, that shares an island with Haiti, is ringed with postcard-pretty shores is the perfect Carribean holiday destination. Inside, there’s dense tropical jungle and a hint of urban – with a capital city that made big waves back in the day. If it’s gorgeous landscapes with a romantic twist you’re after, there’s no better place to spend your honeymoon than these sought-after shores.

So we’ll cut right down to it – here are our top 10 reasons to make your post-wedding love-nest in the Dominican Republic.

1. Those beaches

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are widely renowned for their sheer gorgeousness. Out here, smooth white sand and crystalline blue water come as standard, and if you’re eyeing a honeymoon of the relaxing type, a solid sandy foundation is crucial. Over in Punta Cana, palm tree-lined Bavaro Beach scores top marks for its stretches of sunbeds and placid water that makes for great wading. You’ll find a swath of big brand hotels out this way too, which means your nearest cocktail is never far off.

2. Luxury resorts

The Dominican Republic is awash with luxury resorts that stack their pamper-heavy hotels in prime real estate – right along the beach, of course. For example, the 5* Grand Palladium Resort and Spa has a whopping 15 bars, 13 restaurants and a spa to its name, while the equally stunning Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville is an adults-only sanctuary with posh suites on offer. If it’s a luxury honeymoon you want, you’ve come to the right place.

3. More bang for your buck

Odds are, post-wedding, you’ll be looking to save a few pennies. That’s where the DR swoops in to your honeymoon rescue. Don’t let the extreme luxury fool you – compared to other islands in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a bargain holiday destination.

That’s because the vast majority of the mega resorts out here are All Inclusive, so you’ve got all your boxes ticked in the overhead price. Book with Holiday Hypermarket, and that’s flights, activities, food and, depending on your hotel, alcoholic drinks totally covered. You’re likely to stay right on the beach too, so transportation often isn’t necessary!

4. Self-contained holidays

Piggy-backing on the Dominican Republic’s bargain element, those All Inclusive hotels are handy for just that reason – they’re All Inclusive. Much of the time in the DR, your hotel acts as a luxury oasis out in the jungle, so you’ve got your honeymoon headquarters right at your fingertips.

At most, you’ll have to take a few steps down to the buffet, the pool scene, the spa or the beach to get exactly what you’re looking for. And if you do want to venture out, your hotel concierge can either help book excursions or point you in the right direction.

5. Round-the-clock warmth

It’ll come as no surprise that, being a Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic boasts year-round warmth. Its tropical rainforest climate means the average annual temperature hovers around 25°C, so lounging along the beach is almost always on the menu. That said, like all destinations with tropical climates, the Dominican Republic does have a wet season that varies depending on what part of the island you visit, but a little research into your resort-of-choice will help you avoid any showers.

6. Romantic city streets

While the Dominican Republic is, in large parts, all about the beach, there’s another vibrant portion of the country that’s very much city-slicking. Santo Domingo is the capital, and is known as the very first city in the New World. It’s where Christopher Columbus landed on his famous voyage in 1492 and instituted the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule.

What’s more, Santo Domingo’s colonial zone is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and is still laced with original Spanish charm. Strolls down these city streets, lined with original architecture and centuries-old churches and ruins, aren’t just a feast for history-loving eyes, but for the cultured and romantic ones too.

7. Otherworldly nature

It sounds cliche, but honeymoons should be magical, not just in their content, but in setting as well. And where magical settings are concerned, the Dominican Republic is practically the Disneyland of the Caribbean. One of the DR’s main attractions is the 27 Waterfalls – a collection of, yes, you guessed it, 27 waterfalls – whose pools and naturally-formed rock slides are a virtual outdoor playground constructed by Mother Nature herself.

There’s also the Hoyo Azul to see on a honeymoon holiday to Bavaro, which is a hidden cenote with craggy rock walls where you can swim in the endlessly-blue water. On top of this, the holiday resort of Samana down in the island’s southern half is a famous whale-watching spot. Between the months of January and March, thousands of humpback whales make their way to this part of the world to breed, and are an incredible sight to see in person.

8. Adventures to be had

Honeymoons in the Dominican Republic are best served with a side of adventure. There’s Scape Park out in Punta Cana, which is a natural theme park of sorts, equipped with ziplines and boat cruises, horseback riding and guided cave, waterfall and fishing excursions. There are also snorkelling opportunities – especially down in Isla Saona, which is part of the protected Parque Nacional del Este. It’s your typical desert island-scape, complete with starfish and other tropical species viewable through the glass-clear water.

9. Plenty of places to say ‘ahh’

Odds are, you’re going to need a hefty dose of relaxation after your wedding – well consider spa treatments in the Dominican Republic just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be hard pressed to find a luxury resort without its very own spa, where massage and beauty treatments, body wraps and saunas are on the menu. You can spice things up with couples’ treatments, or have a little peace and quiet on your own.

10. Latin-Caribbean passion

It’s no secret that Latin nations possess a certain passion lacking in the rest of the world. The Dominican Republic blends that fiery quality with beautiful Caribbean landscapes to create an atmosphere that’s pretty unique, to say the least. It’s the feeling you’ll find in all the mega clubs, the intimate rum bars as well as the friendly beach shacks dotting the coasts. In short, it’s just the right feeling you’ll want surrounding you and your other half as you kick off married life together.

If you’re not feeling the love yet, you better check your pulse. Start planning your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic today!