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10 pictures that will make you want to jet off and travel right now

A picture can be a powerful thing. It can rekindle memories, stir up emotions, or simply take your breath away. This is probably the most true for travel photography, where one picture can inspire an entire trip away to discover something new.

With that in mind, we have scoured the internet and collated 10 pictures that have made our jaws drop, our eyes widen and our heads turn longing towards the holiday bookings page. Will they do the same for you? Scroll down to find out, but be warned…you are about to experience some pretty intense wanderlust!

Table Mountain, South Africa

This is the sight that rewards long haul flyers at the end of their journey and it provides the backdrop to their descent into Cape Town. If anything is going to kick jet-lag in the butt, this is it.

 Berg Lake, Canada

The haunting way the twilight hits off the Rocky Mountains in this shot makes us want to reach for our hiking boots and head to British Columbia  to see this beautiful sight for ourselves!

Sunset in Tenerife

Did you know that the closer to the equator you get, the more awesome the sunsets become? The Canary Islands are on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, so when the sun goes down, the sky ignites into beautiful shades of red, orange and pink. Simply gorgeous.

Caribbean Reef Shark

Diving with the local marine life in the Caribbean is truly the experience of a lifetime. Imagine your adrenaline rush when you look up and spot a shark swimming above you. An awe inspiring sight!


Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. With crystal clear waters and pure white sand, you really don’t get much closer to paradise than this. Nothing beats a lazy day drifting across the waters in a long tail boat.


Do we really have to explain this one? C’mon, it’s Paris – the city of romance!

Oia, Santorini

The sugarcube buildings of Oia in Santorini are quintessentially Greek. The small, laid-back town is perfect for a lazy week away.

 The Burj al Arab, Dubai

What we would give to spend one night in this world-famous seven star hotel…

 Vernazza, Italy

The vibrant buildings that make up this town in Northern Italy are completely postcard perfect. We can just picture ourselves exploring the colourful alleyways in this cute little place by the sea.

Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi is a famous Catalan architect whose work can be spotted all over Spain, especially in Barcelona. While his buildings look spectacular from afar (the Sagrada Familia, for example), the true magic lies in the colourful detail of his work, such as this example which can be found in Torrevieja.

So, have these pictures inspired your next trip? Are there any pictures that make you want to pack up and travel immediately? Let us know in the comments!