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10 Most Instagrammed Places in Greece

There’s something great about taking the perfect holiday photo, choosing a filter and then showing the world your artistic flair and beautiful surroundings. Is it because we like to show off? Maybe. Is it because we want people to be jealous of our fabulous holiday? Probably. But we think the main reason we love to post photos is to commemorate our trips, and as they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

Instagram is the ideal venue to make photos pop, as well as to get them shared and looked at. Greece happens to be one country that gets a lot of Instagram tributes, and it’s no wonder why. The seas are clear, the villages an idyllic white wash and the sandy beaches hold a brilliant golden sheen.

For all of the lovers of Greece out there, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most instagrammed spots in the country. Looking at a last minute break to Greece? Take a look and decide for yourself what island where you want to visit next.

Ios Island

The hills and cliffs of Ios Island make for the perfect photo opportunity. Completely picturesque, moments in Ios Island look like they’ve come straight out of a postcard, especially this one. The sun setting over the rolling hills, the traditional Grecian white-washed buildings and the stillness of the Aegean Sea make this picture, and Ios island an Instagram winner.

Little Venice, Mykonos

Mykonos Town’s most popular spot to visit is the charming seaside area known as Little Venice. The houses and restaurants here have been built up along the water, giving it its nickname. Its resemblance to Venice and its quaint Grecian streets make this area a photographer’s dream, and one of Greece’s most instagrammed spots.

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Moni Island

Moni Island is just opposite Perdika, and even though it doesn’t have any inhabitants, it’s often frequented by tourists who want to soak up some rays on the beaches and explore the countryside. This little island is home to several beach bars as well as places to go swimming, hiking and fishing. Its natural surroundings and sparkling blue water are simply stunning and a big draw for any amateur photographers.


With multi-coloured cliffs, volcanic craters and Cycladic white-washed houses, Santorini is easily one of the most instagrammed places in Greece. The views here can only be described as breathtaking. Is there anything better than floating in a pool of clear water as you look out onto sugar drop houses and a stretch of glistening Aegean Sea? We don’t think so.

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Just off the west coast of mainland Greece is Lefkas, the new holiday hotspot. In the south of the island you’ll find a world-class wind surfing centre ready to teach you the ropes. The thermal winds in Lefkas make for the ideal conditions to get out on the water in numerous different types of watersports. If you love nothing more than an adventure, get some inspiration by checking out Greece’s favourite watersport island on Instagram.

?? Wakeboarding Lefkasss

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Skiathos is known as a party zone, but there’s more to this island than what meets the eye. This small paradise has spectacular beaches, luscious green countryside and an exciting harbour scene complete with designer shopping and gourmet restaurants. For a little island, Skiathos really does pack it all in. With so much to do and see you’ll find ample opportunity to snap some Instagram worthy shots, like so many other holidaymakers before you.

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By far the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes is full of ancient history, beautiful Blue Flag award winning beaches and picturesque villages. It’s also a fantastic island to do a little restaurant hopping. Try out some of Rhodes’ famous authentic home cooking in the Greek tavernas that run along the coast line, or in the bustling capital city of Rhodes Town. The instagrammed photos of these meals don’t do them justice.

Ladadika, Thessaloniki

This pedestrianised area is dotted with espresso bars, bakeries, traditional tavernas and bars. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is a great place to grab a bite to eat and sit outside watching the world go by. The buildings here are very colourful, making for excellent photo opportunities and even better Instagram posts.


Corfu’s cosmopolitan atmosphere draws in a large number of tourists every year. It’s the greenest of the Greek Islands, with endless olive groves and pine tree covered mountains. Corfu’s Old Town area is full of market stalls where you’ll find handmade crafts, sandals and local olive oil. Its white-washed buildings and narrow alley ways are no stranger to the Instagram scene.