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18 Self Catering Budgeting Tips

When it comes to holidays, many travellers prefer to opt for the All Inclusive holiday option, as this often covers the main cost of food and drink when travelling abroad. Whilst this will suit numerous travellers, some prefer the flexibility of Self Catering and sampling the local eateries.

With Self Catering, the costs can soon mount up, however try following our easy tips on saving money on food and drink abroad and you may save a penny or two ready for your next trip.

  1. Choose your destination wisely. Some destinations offer a lot more for your pound than others. For families looking for a shorter flight, destinations such as Bulgaria and Turkey are a good choice. If you’re looking to travel further afield, take a look at places like Goa and Thailand, where eating out is really low cost and fantastic value for money.
  2. Take some of your home comforts with you such as coffee, teabags and sugar. This could save you a small fortune compared to local prices.
  3. If you prefer to eat in on holiday, don’t forget to pack some small useful utensils such as a tin opener and that all important bottle opener. Remember though these must be packed in your hold luggage.
  4. Don’t be tempted to buy costly snacks and meals at the airport. Although liquids are still banned there is no restriction on you taking solid foods through security. This could save you not only in the airport but also on your flight.
  5. Recharge your batteries and have a lie in, and instead of an early breakfast why not combine your breakfast and lunch and have brunch?
  6. Don’t be shy, ask reception when you check-in where they would recommend for some good food at a fair price.
  7. Follow the locals, literally – after all the locals will always know the best places for food and drink.
  8. Source some home grown produce at the local markets and shops. You can’t beat a freshly baked baguette with a hunk of cheese, or a tasty salad.
  9. Try a relaxing night in. Chilling on your balcony watching the world go by with a bottle of wine is one of our favourite holiday pastimes.
  10. Watch out for special 2 for 1 offers in restaurants, these are a fantastic way of saving money.
  11. If you fancy a cocktail or two, look out for happy hours in the local bars.
  12. Street vendors provide a cheap and tasty alternative to overpriced restaurants when going on holiday to Jamaica, Thailand or other similar destinations
  13. Don’t be tempted by the minibar in your room, its super expensive so stocking up on snacks from the supermarket will work out far cheaper.
  14. If you don’t fancy a large evening meal, try ordering side dishes to share, after all sharing is caring!
  15. Some bars and restaurants will offer you money off vouchers for your next visit, another great way to save your hard earned cash.
  16. Look out for lunchtime and teatime specials, you can pick some great 3 course offers.
  17. Watch out for restaurants and bars in top locations, they usually have a high price tag. A walk around the corner could as much as half your bill.
  18. Local wines beers and spirits can be a much cheaper alternative to imported beverages.

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