Wildlife in Fuerteventura

With over 150 sandy beaches and warm weather all year round, Fuerteventura has the ideal climate and rich natural landscape for vast expanses of amazing scenery housing lots of wildlife.

This Canary Island is an ideal spot to completely unwind and soak up the vibes of untamed nature with hikes alongside a local guide, or self-guided 4×4 safaris where you can see the island’s wildlife inhabitants up close.

Experience a UNESCO Biosphere habitat

Fuerteventura was awarded UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 2009 due to its incredible biodiversity and stunning landscape.

The island’s wild terrain features 326 kilometres of coastline, most of which remains natural and untouched. Long stretches of sand dunes, low rugged cliffs and wetlands are all teeming with wildlife, while the surrounding water is alive with many species of fish.

The island is of immense international interest to scientists because of its rich fossil record, which contributes to our understanding of how the earth has developed over millennia.

Discover the birds, plant life and sea life

Wildlife enthusiasts will discover something interesting or beautiful around every turn in Fuerteventura. With both freshwater and seawater habitats here, fish and sea life are plentiful and extremely diverse.

This attracts a multitude of bird species, many of which use the island as a stopover on their migration journeys. Some of the rarer breeds that visit Fuerteventura are Egyptian Vultures – also known as Pharaoh’s chickens – and Houbara Bustards.

Explore Fuerteventura's conservation areas

Almost half of Fuerteventura’s landscape lies within nature parks and conservation areas, so keep your smartphone or camera at the ready to take pictures. You won’t have far to go for lots of Instagram-worthy wild beauty.

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