Wildlife and sea life of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a spectacular landscape that’s home to a huge range of natural wildlife, including a species of mammal that’s unique to the island. The sea surrounding the country is also rich in life making it a prime spot for snorkelling, diving and taking boat trips out to get a closer look.

A truly beautiful destination, in the Dominican Republic you’ll see new and interesting creatures and plants at almost every turn. If you enjoy exploring lush greenery and exotic sea life this could be your perfect holiday destination.

A superb place to spot numerous species of birds

With the highest mountains in the Caribbean region and edged with miles of tropical coastline, the Dominican Republic is home to around 300 species of birds.

A cornucopia of plant and animal life

The island is a real nature lover’s feast with 5,600 plant species – many with bright flowers – more than 50 species of colourful butterflies, and 13 species of bats.

A haven for humpback whales and their calves

The calm, warm sea around the Silver Bank, Navidad Banks and Samana Bay regions is hugely popular with humpback whales who gather to mate and deliver their calves.

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