Which Costa is for me?

Put simply, the word costa is Spanish for coast, and it’s used to define the different shorelines that form the outline of our dearly beloved Spain. But for English-speaking holidaymakers, it’s quite understandable that a little confusion could arise when comparing them all.

Names like Costa Blanca and Costa Brava mix on the map with Costa del Sol and more besides. It can be tricky to know what to expect, and more importantly, how to make sure your holiday doesn’t Costa Lot.

Take a look at our brief overview of Spain’s famous coastal regions and you’ll soon be savvy enough to make an informed choice for your holiday to Spain.

The bustling south

Perhaps the most famous of Spain’s Costas is Costa Blanca, which translates as the White Coast.

Treats in the east

As far as UK holidaymakers are concerned, Costa Brava is another massively popular choice.

Golden opportunities

We can’t overlook the glorious Costa Dorada in our round-up – part of what links the east to the south, its name translates as the Golden Coast.

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