Waterparks in Benidorm and Costa Blanca

Taking a trip to Costa Blanca is going to be loaded with fun, whether it’s to lively Benidorm or the more tranquil Moraira.

Wherever your travels are taking you, keep the option of a waterpark diversion in mind. The ones listed here are some of the most ambitious in Europe, and sure to feature twists and turns that you’ll be keen to make a splash in. Check out some of our recommendations.


This waterpark is among the most famous on the continent.

You’ll also find that a lot of hotels in Benidorm and its surroundings feature either discounted or complementary access to this hotbed of fun.

One of the most famous attractions here is the Big Bang slide, which towers above its contemporaries and sends you racing down from big wooden structures right to the pool waiting below. It’s among the fastest and wettest slides out there, and well worth a go for the bold.

Aqualandia also houses some beautifully manicured natural areas, rich in rocky outcrops that frame pristine blue pools. Palm trees and sweet little hedgerows garland this adorable place, although they do nothing to detract from the outlandish fun to be had.

Park attendants cheekily recommend you check out the beauty of the venue from atop the Vertigo slide, some 22 metres up. It’s a fairly new attraction where you can hurtle down into an awaiting pool at almost 100 kilometres an hour.

Aqua Natura

Although many of the waterparks hereabouts like to stay close to nature, Aqua Natura near Benidorm takes the ball and runs with it.

Expect lush greenery and plenty of places to shelter from the sun under broad trees, although that’s not to say that the rides and slides here are anything less than thrilling.

Aquopolis Torrevieja

Alongside the rides and slides you might expect, this venue also houses some super aquagym activities for all ages. Exclusive kids’ zones house attractions a little tamer than the mainstream fare, with climbing frames, jungle gyms and slides aplenty to get involved in.

The Mini Zigzag keeps kids weaving at speed through the water, while the braver among you can tackle the tirolina zipline, sure to make a splash if you fall from the wire down into the pool below.

A pretty distinctive slide here is the Boomerang, which is a huge yellow V-shape where you sit on a rubber float and whip back and forth, hence the name. When the day’s coming to the end, drift down the Amazonia River on your rubber dinghy for a scenic tour of the park’s sights, then grab a bite to eat at one of the on-site restaurants.

Aquapark Flamingo

This Torrevieja waterpark is small but perfectly formed, and definitely the most budget-friendly of our recommendations. There’s still plenty to see and do, of course, with numerous wild and wet routes winding their way through the scenery.

Free sunbeds appeal to exhausted parents, while kids cant stay active on the slides and paddle in the pool. Attractions here are tamer than other waterparks hereabouts too, so you can let the littler ones free without fearing they’ll get scared.

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