Villas vs Hotels in Thassos

When planning an escape to the quiet and inviting island of Thassos, there are plenty of exciting aspects of your holiday to think about. One of the most crucial is accommodation, however, and Thassos has plenty of options open to you.

Pick your holiday style

While family-run hotels in winding harbour town streets rule the day in Thassos Town, the coastal retreats of the soothing and aptly named Golden Beach offer livelier resort complexes.

That said, Thassos has lots to see. Even for a small island, there are over 20 beaches, as well as lush green landscapes at the island’s heart. As such, villas tucked away amid these inspiring patches of scenery, or at the outskirts of the island’s characterful towns, hold plenty of appeal.

Villas make it very much your holiday

The most immediate advantage of holidaying in Thassos via a villa is that you’re afforded a great deal of autonomy.

Your villa will include a wide range of modern comforts, including a fully outfitted kitchen, a TV and a spacious living room. Given that this is Thassos, it’s likely that you’ve got some nice views outside too, wherever on the island your home from home is.

A villa gives you the freedom to come and go as you like, without having to worry about mealtimes or other concerns. You can step outside, spend the day on the beach or exploring the shopping of Thassos Town, and head back late at night after some drinking and dancing in a local bar you’d never have discovered otherwise.

Hotels are tailored to your holiday bliss

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