Villas vs Hotels in Kefalonia

Because it’s the largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia enjoys a solid and well deserved reputation for peace and serenity. That said, it still attracts countless holidaymakers year on year, and one question each of us asks before taking our holiday in Kefalonia is where to stay.

In terms of variety, it’s hard to beat. Everything from seaside hotels to family-run inns of old are yours to enjoy. Kids can get stuck into resort hotels packed with activities, or you and your loved one can retreat to a secluded getaway.

What it comes down to is whether you prefer the service and comfort of a hotel, or the autonomy and space of a villa. Kefalonia has ample supply of each, so let’s go over some of the advantages they offer.

Villas promise privacy

Community spirit is king in Kefalonia, and if you’re looking to become one with the place, the privacy of a good villa is a great place to start.

Whether you’re tucked in the suburbs, perched beside the seaside or way out in the rolling hills, your villa promises you a retreat from the rest of the world. They’re modern and stylish, decked out with everything you need to be your home from home, including kitchen equipment, TV and sofa, and other comforts.

Hotels keep you connected

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