Villas vs Hotels in Halkidiki

When it comes to holidays in Greece, countless travellers are turning to the charm and sunshine of Halkidiki. The distinctive three-pronged peninsula, as it looks on the map, boasts some sublime shorelines, together with the dramatic Mount Olympus close at hand. Temples, restaurants and small town cafes by the sea round off this destination splendidly.

With that in mind, the only real question you might have is not regarding the appeal of Halkidiki, which is pretty apparent from the moment your sandals hit the beach. Instead, it’s a question of whether you prefer a hotel with all the trimmings, or the benefits of a hideaway villa or apartment. Let’s look over the virtues of each option.

Villas are your own corner of Halkidiki

Villas and apartments, whether they’re perched by the shore, hidden in the hills or thoughtfully tucked in some small-town suburbs, do a fantastic job of giving you a home away from home in Halkidiki.

They boast that classic Greek architecture that we all love, but that also translates into some smartly used space inside.

In short, villas will give you your own kitchen, fully equipped, to provide the freedom to choose how you dine. If you don’t fancy cooking, you can head out the door and sample local restaurants and tavernas, while if you’re keen to learn some local recipes, you have the perfect set up to do so.

Similarly, with a television and other modern touches in your fully furnished villa, you have the chance to unwind in your own space.

Essentially, that’s the one big advantage of a villa. You’re in control of how much or little you spend during your break, and more than anything else, you have autonomy and privacy alike. At breakfast time, you’re not shoulder to shoulder with anyone at the buffet. Come the evening time, you can have a bottle of local wine with your loved ones at your leisure, without lining up at the bar.

Opt for an apartment that’s part of a complex, like the Naias Beach Apartments, and you can enjoy a little of both sides. Kitchenettes allow you to relax and cook up a storm, DIY-style, but a designated bar and restaurant mean you can enjoy social vibes without having to move too far.

Hotels are hubs of tourism for a reason

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