Villas vs hotels in Corfu

The best thing about holidays in Corfu is that they tend to be so steeped in the island’s rugged green landscape and beautiful beaches that no one thing can make or break your time here.

We will say, however, that choosing the right accommodations can certainly help – so if you’re deciding between one of Corfu’s peaceful villas or a full-blown hotel extravaganza, we can help ease the pressure with this easy guide.


Villas offer big time privacy

You won’t have to worry about noisy neighbours or running into other guests in your hotel hallways here – villas offer a unique opportunity to have a place that’s all your own, which includes, in many cases, use of a private pool.

Your days of sunlounger poaching will be very much behind you.


The entertainment is built in

With hotels’ tendencies to have endless entertainment offerings, you’ll have a built-in itinerary, which means you won’t even have to leave your hotel’s borders to fill your days.

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