Villa vs Room Only in Florida

One of the first decisions you need to make when planning for your Florida holiday is whether you’re going for a hotel room with everything catered for, or a Self Catering holiday home that offers more space.

With villas in Florida proving some of the most outstanding in world, it’s a question worth giving even more time and consideration to. Luckily, we’re here to help you weigh out the benefits of both, so that you can make an informed decision before you pack your bags and fly out.

Group together or be looked after

Ultimately it’s a question of how many people you’re travelling with and how much freedom you want to enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State. A hotel room keeps you and your troupe close together, with the added benefit of having a group of friendly staff to take care of the cooking and cleaning.

A fantastic example of that is somewhere like the Clarion Inn in Lake Buena Vista, whose affordable luxuries keep you close to the action. Or the more playful Disney Pop Century in Walt Disney World Resort itself is where everyone’s favourite characters mingle with the guests in colourful surroundings.

A villa on the other hand ups your initial expenditures, but lets you save on eating and drinking out in the long run. What’s more, with satellite TV, pools and rooms for everybody, they’re often well worth the extra cash. They know how to do villas with style in Florida as well, rivalling even the finest of international destinations you might have tried them in before. They’re bespoke to your budget too.

For example, Orlando Villas in Kissimmee look like that quaint American suburban living you’ve seen in movies a hundred times, with creamy walls, cute furniture and plenty of your own space. Yet Orlando Plus Villas boost the luxury levels a little further, with their own games rooms, hot tubs and close access to all of the area’s major attractions. And they’re all within 50 kilometres of the big theme parks.

All hail the hotel

Visions of a villa

While other visitors to Florida are appreciative of the space, comfort and freedom that villas provide. If you’re looking to enjoy a home from home or going out all day every day isn’t really on your agenda, a villa is a safe bet. They’re also a good option for those travelling with youngsters of an age who’d prefer their own room to sleep in.

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