The ultimate couples' holiday in Thassos

If you and your partner are looking for a quiet getaway with all the right sun and none of the fuss, look no further than Thassos. This mid-sized island sits right underneath the Greek mainland, and is less developed than many of Greece’s collection, leaving it beautifully leafy and steeped in traditional culture.

It’s known as the Emerald of the Aegean – in short, it’s a pretty incredible backdrop to a romantic vacation. Glasses of Greek wine, island cruises and spa treatments hit all the right notes, but it’s the beaches that are the real stars of the show. These gorgeous shores are all swoon, all the time.

Best beaches

Alyki Beach, Thassos Town

Alyki Beach in Thassos Town is paved with sunbeds and beach bars, and consists of a long pebbly stretch fringed with rocky outcrops.

The sunsets here are legendary, and there’s a coastal pathway nearby for romantic late-night strolls.

Skala Prinou Beach

The beach in Skala Prinos is on the quieter side, but that’s why we love it.

There’s tonnes of space to spread out, plus a few beach bars with tables and chairs stashed right up alongside the water. This beach is also notably long, so if you happen to come on a crowded day, you won’t have to walk far to find a peaceful little oasis of your own.

Best couples activities

Spas at the hotel

There’s nothing quite like a couples’ spa to set the mood on a getaway for two. There are hotels across the island like the Sentido Thassos Imperial Resort that boast boutique spas of their own, each of which come with a wide range of treatments and a sauna and steam room to help you and your partner relax.

Adventurous diving trips

There are a couple of diving centres on Thassos, all of which will get you geared up and learning the basics of heading underwater. Next up, you’ll head out to open water on dive trips where you’ll find coral reefs teeming with sea life and colourful sponges.

Wine on the coast

Thassos was once particularly known for its wine production, before olive oil stole the limelight.

Nowadays, wine production is limited to little mountain towns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sip a glass from an outdoor patio in your resort’s harbour. Glasses of the sweet brandy known as tsipouro are also common too, and excellent as an after-dinner treat.

Full island boat cruises

It’s one thing to explore Thassos on foot, but quite another to see it from afar on a boat cruise. Because the island is so small, it’s possible to loop around the island in a day-trip. On luxury yachts and tourist schooners, you’ll glimpse Thassos’ craggy coastline and candy blue water, pausing for snorkelling stints.

Cocktails at La Scala Beach Club

The La Scala Beach Club in Thassos Town is like something out of a luxury holiday brochure, peppered with hammocks, plush loungers and thatched umbrellas that line the shores.

There are cosy bean bags ringed around the pool and Balinese beds that were made for lazing. And cocktails – lots and lots of cocktails. If you’re looking for a place to relax with your other half, you’ve found it.

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