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25 Stunning destinations in Greece

In addition to mainland Greece, thousands of picturesque islands are sprawled throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece. Mountains provide a backdrop to magnificent ancient ruins, fantastic villages and lovely beaches. Here are 25 of the most stunning destinations to enjoy while in Greece.


Santorini, with its whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches, looks stunning set high on the cliffs of a volcanic crater. Don't miss the sunsets from Oia Castle.

Acropolis, Athens

Greece's capital Athens is home to famous landmarks such as the grand 5th century BCE Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple.

Symi island

Colourful neo-classical houses cling to the cliffs that overlook the harbour. This stunning area attracts movie stars, among them Tom Hanks.

The Archangel Michael Monastery of Panormitis

As your boat sails up to Panormitis, you'll see the entirety of this fantastic Venetian-style monastery. It houses artefacts and a silver icon of the Archangel.


Patmos was voted one of 'Europe's Most Idyllic Places to Live' by Forbes in 2009 and it's easy to see why. Its crowning glory is the Monastery of St John, set high up on a hill.

Delphi ruins

This is one of Greece's most revered archeological sites. Located high on Mount Parnassus is the 4th-century BCE Temple of Apollo, once home to the famous Oracle.

Sissi's Palace, Achilleon

Sitting on top of a mountain in Corfu is Sissi's Palace. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, its classical style has an Austro-Hungarian air about it.

Vikos Gorge

This awesome gorge is said to be the deepest in the world. This incredible spot is surrounded by quaint villages, Byzantine monasteries and kilometre-high walls.

Dirou Caves

Stalactites and stalagmites surround you as you meander around this underground world, through narrow passageways and areas with lofty ceilings.

Gulf of Corinth

The Rio–Antirio Bridge is a monumental structure that crosses the Gulf of Corinth, linking Peloponnese to mainland Greece.


Expect to see Venetian fortresses, Byzantine churches and the Greek ruin of Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were hosted in honour of Zeus.


Six 14th- and 16th-century monasteries built by monks are perched 366 metres high on the summit of Meteora. The Greek word meteora means 'suspended in the air'.


The largest Greek island, Crete is a place of contrasts that is home to bustling cities, quaint villages, rugged mountains with forests, fruit groves, and graceful beaches.


The biggest Cycladic island, its cubic houses co-exist with old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles, plus the 6th-century marble gate of Portara.


Small but with stunning beaches, secluded coves and ancient footpaths leading to rocky terrain. Scenes from the 'The Big Blue' were filmed on Agia Anna beach.

Tilos aka Cat Island

With only a few hundred inhabitants, Tilos is a quiet island that's most famous for common sightings of the many gorgeous cats wandering around in clusters.


This volcanic island has houses made of volcanic rock, and you can stand in the dormant crater – though it's still bubbling away in parts – at the top of the island.


The Italian Road is one of the most challenging hikes in the area but it's worth it for the view from the top. Kalymnos also has a rich history of deep sea diving for the recovery of natural sponges.


Kos has a lovely historical centre boasting a 14th-century fortress built by the Knights of St John, as well as great restaurants, bars, and long sandy beaches.

Mount Olympus

At nearly 3,000 metres, you can still climb the tallest mountain in Greece. Home to the 12 Olympian mythological gods, it's also a remarkable national park.


Lindos is a medieval village on Rhodes, that boasts a network of cobbled streets and typical Greek whitewashed houses. High above the village rises the Acropolis.

Rhodes Town

A UNESCO-listed area enclosed by an impressive fortification system, Rhodes Town boasts incredible towers and gates, built by the Knights of St John.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

The beach is world famous for the stunning colour of the sea set against the white pebbles of the beach. Myrtos has been voted best beach in Greece 12 times.


One of Greece's most bustling islands and considered one of the best tourist attractions. Worth visiting are the picturesque Chora Town, as well as Mykonos' many amazing beaches and impressive array of nightlife options.

Corfu Town

Corfu is a hugely popular destination largely thanks to its Italian architecture – it was ruled by the Venetians for centuries – and the capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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