Wildlife and culture in southwest Thailand

For relaxing beach holidays, southwest Thailand is a fantastic destination with idyllic seaside resorts such as Khao Lak and Krabi. Beaches aren’t the only thing to enjoy here though – there’s beautiful scenery, an abundance of wildlife, the fascinating Thai culture and a handful of truly beautiful temples.

To give you a taster of what’s available, below are a few highlights you could discover during your Thai getaway.

Animals, waterfalls and fantastic views

Central Thailand has huge prairie-lands known as the Central Plains, which are dominated by rice fields. However, the south-western regions have a very different landscape of densely forested areas, hilly and mountainous regions, rivers, waterfalls and lagoons.

The diversity of wildlife in this region makes it ideal for hiking adventures and guided nature tours. The area is home to many rare and wonderful animal species that you might spot along your journey, including beautiful leopard cats, rare Javan rhinos, tiny fruit bats, water buffalo and exotic birds. It’s certainly a place to keep your smartphone at the ready in case you capture some amazing Instagram moments to share.

Thai culture and Buddhist temples

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